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How We Can Help


No matter the service (even online health coaching) - 

We want all of our clients to have an experience of warmth, tranquility, and containment.

We want them walking out the door feeling refreshed, and relaxed,  

with more wisdom   with which to enjoy life   as long as possible.  

Our Services 

Health Coaching
Relaxing into Alignment
Acutonic Therapy
Tai Chi Essentials
Manual Therapies

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Therapeutic Alliance.png

Therapeutic Partnership - Supporting you in achieving your goals, effectively, efficiently, enjoyably, and with results that last.  

Classical Acupressure - Whole body healing and health, rooted in ancient wisdom traditions.   Relies on the connection between organ systems and physiological pathways.  

Nutritional and Lifestyle Embodiment Counseling - Helping you move, eat, and think right for you; helping you learn the core, research-supported knowledge, habits, and skills that promote sustaining health and enjoyment..

Sound-Empowered Education - Cellular Education with Sound Technology, Ancient Organ-Tone Correspondences w/ Modern Sound Research (coming attractions + Tuning Fork Therapies!).  

Somatic Therapies - Total Healing, Health Promotion, and Postural Re-Education in Tranquil Environs.  *Shiatsu channel massage  *Myofascial release *Cranialsacral *Relaxation and Alignment Coaching *Some Muscle Motor Point Therapy

Therapeutic and Mindfulness-Based Flow Activities -

Relaxed Alignment and Energy Circulation

Nature Experiences - Intensive Learning Experiences

while experiencing the beauty of nature

Climbing to the top_edited.jpg
Health Coaching Guiding Sustainable Change
Health Coaching
Health Domains

Somewhat uniquely, we organize our lifestyle domains through the lens of the Chinese Wu Shing or Five Element / Five Phase Model.  This enables an integration between Lifestyle Factors and the performance of the body's functions; one grounded in research, efficient in producing holistic outcomes, and that has stood the test of millenia.  

Step-by-solid-step Embodying the Essentials to Healing, Health and Enjoyment of life.  Although over the arc of the coaching relationship we focus on specific goals (could be more consistent routines, achieving personal goals, or general healthier lifestyle), which most often include a neuro-biological approach to sustained habit change.  This often means coming back to the same goal again and again until it's solid. 


All our therapies involve at least some health mentorship or coaching (even asking about the areas that need the most work is a form of motivational partnership-oriented change).  However, a health-coaching only arrangement is for someone who wants to work on their lifestyle and does not want or need somatic (touch-based; or mindful-movement-based) therapy (we do think these mind-body therapies can accelerate the process of changing our programming).  


Although we do offer two-hour health conversations; as a one-off sort of pointer; it is typical to work in one, three, six, and twelve month increments.  This is due to the nature of sustainable habit change - it takes time for change to set; and there are layers of old habit that we must transform through to actually make a lasting change.  So in a three month time window it's possible to achieve a sense of the foundations; the work that needs to be done; and how to actually do it.  However, with, or without or support; it can often take up to a year to "set" the change for life (Here, we speak about the neuro-biological process of change we often refer to). 

Not everyone wants or needs that level of change . . .  some want some conceptual foundations they can apply to nourish them for life; and no matter the length of time we work; we can guarantee that's what you'll get - simple, life-nourishing wisdom. 

Our typical format for health-coaching only includes a sixty minute intake, some pre-paperwork (here we get to know each other), bi-weekly thirty minute phone calls; and twice-weekly check-ins (this is usually a text just reminding you of our work together, with availability for short five-min phone calls if needed). 


We recommend at least three months to feel the change . . .although one month can be a way to know us; and to learn more about the approach; and at least get some useful pointers.  Learn more about our packages and pricing here.

Relaxing into Alignment

In a typcal bodywork or "relaxed alignment" session, we start with assessing for tension in the major areas: shoulders, hips, wrists, and ankles; then getting more specific to your unique goals, needs, constitution; and inner landscape.  It is common for us to provide breathing or meditation instructions; and to share postural ideas or activities that can be applied at home.  

Example of Holistic Approach to Physical Activity

Our approach to bodywork incorporates over ten years of postural awareness training (in Tai Chi and Medical Chi Gong, and osteopathic manual therapies); and six years of Eastern Medical School (acupuncture channels and organ systems, asian massage, manual therapies and internal medicine). 

We focus on harmonizing imbalances in the physical and internal structures of the body, which may include organ system imbalances, effects of prior trauma (physical and/or mental-emotional), and of general overwork or wear and tear on the body.

At heart we are educators, who help you remember a feeling of tranquility and ease in all movements, gradually working towards greater range of motion, inner strength and freedom. 

What does our educational process look like?

We guide you in a gentle step-by-step process towards lasting change, teaching you (or helping you remember) fundamental concepts for safe physical activity that can continue to nourish and develop throughout the rest of life.  


Our approach is ensconced in our training with Zen Wellness Five-Element Medical Chi Gong - a foundation whose work with the retired community in Sun City, AZ not only helped seniors get back onto their feet (some from wheel-chairs and walkers), but also helped reduce and actually
reverse markers of age such as hyperlipidemia, hypertension, bone density, arthritic pain, and telomere length (specialized cells on the ends of DNA that are one of the greatest predictors of longevity).  

Five Element Medical Chi Gong and Tai Chi offer progressive, step-by-step approaches to safe physical activity fit for all ages, and that have an added benefit of structural alignment, relaxation, and meditation.  We offer classes for our clients to remain motivated to practice through a fun and enjoyable community.  

Originally a martial art, Tai Chi is commonly practiced today for health.  It teaches postural alignment, relaxation and healthful living principles. 

As stand-alone therapy, it has numerous research-supported health benefits, now comes "physician recommended
" by Harvard Medical School.  

Thousands of research studies have been conducted on Tai Chi's benefits, over five hundred of which were considered high quality in this 2016 

Taiji Tea.jpeg

Tim performing Tai Chi in tandem with his Chinese Teacher's tea presentation.  

Circle walking from martial and longevity art "eight trigram palm".  A local teacher & film star, this man starred in a film with Jet Li.  Changsha, Hunan province, China.  

Tim teaching rooftop Tai Chi to a group of locals and foreign students, Guilin, Guanxi province, China.  Read more about Tai Chi's numerous health benefits here.  

During his time at the National University of Natural Medicine (Classical Chinese Medicince), Tim taught numerous Tai Chi and Chi Gong classes to staff and to the public.  While in Phoenix, he had several mentees; as well as a few groups of high school students he led in Tai Chi (there are many benefits for this age group too, from increase body image, self-confidence, reductions in test anxiety).  During that time, he also co-led a weekly class for medical students at Mid-western University. 

As a high school teacher, he strove to spend at least a few "mindful minutes" at the beginning of each class to develop his students capacities for self-awareness, attention regulation - and of course - learning.  As wellness coach, also led several families through these exercises and many clients as well!. 

Two Person Cultivation
Therapeutic Alliance.png

Often called the patient-practitioner or client-therapist team, this is not an individual service persay, rather it is one of the recognized elements of successful change.  When two people form an accountability team, informed by expertise, free-choice and continual adaptation to goals and needs - it can be powerfully supportive.


Still, for most people, the ability to receive from others; or through relationship itself; is imperfect; especially the case in a society that hardwired towards independence.  It can take courage to open through these socially constructed and self-reinforced bounds . . . 

Some may fear losing autonomy . . .

Yes, trusting in a new voice is an effortful endeavor; we must make room for the help to come through; consistently and with attentiveness.  Otherwise we cannot receive the benefit. 
However, when we take the time to do the work with effort and attention - that our inner voice is found and strengthened;
which is the key to leveraging the relationship to exponentially improve outcomes


Expect Resistance and Intend to Transform Through It

It's common to struggle with discomfort in the process of changing one's Self; which can create emotional resistance to the care

This is normal, and part of a larger process of becoming a consistently stronger, happier, and healthier individual.  

Click here to learn more about the therapeutic encounter, how to gain the most out of it, and how to determine whether it's a good match for your needs (A small window will open that you can close at any time).  


Acupressure is the massage of carefully-selected points that support the entire system towards healing, health, and harmony.  It is rooted in the Ancient system of wisdom used by medical physicians in China for the last several thousand years. 


It's theoretical foundations - already extremely well-developed appear in pre-han dynasty texts dating back into the first or second century BCE, and it has since then enjoyed wide application, continuous development and scholarship.  

This system relies on careful determination of the individual's constitution, systemic resources, weaknesses, and imbalances (usually determined through analysis of the radial pulse, tongue, abdomen, skin, tone of voice, health questionairre (and other indicators).  It then applies knowledge of the channels, points, and organ systems to address what the individual needs to function optimally. 


As it was used as primary medicine for thousands of years, the system in which acupressure is rooted (used in both acupuncture, herbal medicine, and chi gong activities)- it can be used to support an individual through any thing - whether it is a disease or medical condition - or a personal evolution (to the extent these are separate)!  Read more about the system here.

Acutonics - Tuning Fork Therapy

Acutonics is a system of medicine rooted in the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine as articulated above.  It relies on the framework of the channels and points, uses tuning forks vs. massage to adjust and balance the dynamic energies of the entire system.  The tuning forks create a gentle vibration that feels like a massage for the whole system. 

It can be especially supportive of bone health due to these vibrational forces; especially in an individual who is not quite able to do the weight-bearing
exercise that would accomplish the same thing. 


Through a mathematical algorithm, the tuning forks have been tuned to the theoretical sound each planet's orbit would make as it goes around the sun.  Click here to learn more.

Sound-Empowered Education

An unpublished example of my clinical work.  Please do not listen on repeat unless your symptoms or goals match this instructions; and please inform me of your experiences.  This has every bit of intentionality as an acupressure or acupuncture treatment, with the same or greater rigor applied.  

Tim, or Motoyuki (as his colleagues call him, which means "essence of Happiness" in his mother's Asian heritage) -  has been designing music according to Ancient Musical Principles now for over ten years, with his first album - "Elemental Healing Sounds," originally designed as aid to meditation, tai chi, yoga, and relaxation -

fast approaching nine hundred thousand views of YouTube,with many great testimonials.   

His doctoral research has looked at the Ancient correspondences between sound and different parts of the body (Which in Ancient Chinese Philosophy are microcosmic reflections of processes that run through the emotional, the mental, the temperamental (personalities), and beyond (ie realm of values, virtues, lifestyle activities, professional activities, mythology and spiritual principles). 

(e.g. "Fire" or "Blossoming" is connected to the Chest and Heart, the Life Domain of Relationship, the Virtue of Social Skill (people-wisdom), and the season of Summer, to name just a few correspondences).  


Typically, music would be selected based on your unique needs and goals and would either be given as at home treatment; if appropriate to the treatment structure, we'd typically play this during the optional integration period at the end of longer appointments.  

Click here to learn more . . . (a hover box will open that you can close at any time).  

Extended Descriptions,
Appointment Types,
Packages and Programs

*I am offering major discounts on my services for the first hundred bookings as I am new to the area.  After things are booked up, prices will rise to accomodate the hundreds of thousands of dollars and tens of thousands of hours invested into my personal, professional, and medical training.  

Relaxed Alignment Packages and Descriptions

Tranquility, Massage, and Structural Alignment Practices (such as Tai Chi); promoting circulation, pain reduction, and long-term health.  At home work may include remembering a particular opening or practicing a principle that continues to open up systemic circulation & Flow


Techniques inspired by training in osteopathic and Asian therapies (including myofascial release, cranial sacral, and shiatsu).  Sessions may include East-West manual therapies, Tai Chi Exercise, tuning fork therapy, acupressure, as-needed cupping, relaxation and alignment training. 

We may supplement each session with music based on your goals/needs/constitution,
determined through our training in the Chinese Elements and Sound-Organ
(See "sound-empowered education" to learn more).


Throughout our time together we will usually focus on a primary goal or complaint; this could be reducing lower lumbar pain, improving strength; it could also be something like having greater energy and concentration, improving sleep or any other condition*.  

*We are able to treat holistically through a mixture of targeted lifestyle and health assessment;
as well as application of Eastern and Western wisdom which understands the connection between certain points and channels, the resolution of dis-ease and promotion of health.  


We do offer one-time treatments or consultations, and we try and find work-arounds for your financial and time budget. 

However, we do find that many individuals (most in fact) need a consistent approach (normally at least two-three months, and up to a year or more in some cases (usually by then we have dropped the frequency of our visits to as-needed, seasonal tune-ups, or new goals)).  

At the first or second visit, we'll clarify goals, a suggested number of treatments,
the results we expect to see by the time of re-evaluation.  Then we'll proceed as planned, identifying and affirming the areas of lifestyle (usually a blind spot or a known area resistant to change) that support the health of the whole system (and usually the primary goal as well)..

It's important to recognize that change can take time, and consistent effort applied in the right directions.  


If we had all the right answers, well, we wouldn't have issues right?  

Well, we don't claim to have all the answers either; although in terms of health,

our methodology can help the changes occur with efficacy, sustainability and hopefully

- the greatest ease.  

Consider taking advantage of our low rates now.  Even at the eventual rates (which is how I value my time), with weekly or biweekly appointments for a year (between 5 and 10k), the knowledge you'd acquire in those sessions could enhance the the quality of life... well, for life.  

It would be far less than the cost of a painful surgery or life-long prescribed medications for a condition that you could have prevented in the first place.

Don't follow the crowd and spend the last twenty years of life dying . . .

Let's ensure you truly enjoy the golden years,


and that they last as long as possible.







Quality of Life and the Purpose of Longevity Practices (remakes of graphs presenting on separate independently coordinated occasions by teachers Heiner Fruehauf (2019) and Michael Leone (2016).


Relaxed Alignment Intake (includes holistic Health Session) -

Two hrs - $120 ($90 if within the first one hundred appointments)

Relaxed Alignment Continuing (one hr appt; short intake + relaxed alignment therapy) -

One hr - $100 ($60 if within the first one hundred appts).  

Three Month Foundations Program (best deal) (Three Holistic Health and Reassessment Sessions (inc. intake), nine relaxed alignment sessions):

$1000 for first ten clients (goes up to $1,200 afterwards; and up to $1,600 after first 50 foundations bookings).    


Holistic Health (Ninety Minute Appointments + Optional Self-Integration Time)
"All-Inclusive Change with multi-pronged support"

*For our own sanity, we will eventually changeover to these appointments only (ninety minutes of working together, a mix of coaching and holistic health modality; and a thirty minute integration period for you to process our work, relax, meditate, stretch and take notes in the comfort of our treatment rooms, usually combined with custom-tuned music), at $200 per appointment.  

We will give at least six months notice prior to this transition; and we will offer other health-promotion opportunities to the public for those who cannot afford these higher end services.  This will also allow us to take on one or two scholarship participants who may not normally have the opportunity to go through our process.  

All our services are holistic - engaging, mind body, emotions, and the personal story, in an educational, unifying and supportive way.  However, in this appointment, there is more freedom and time to get into a deeper state of flow.


Within the first 100 bookings, the appointments are half off (only $100).  

Within the first Five hundred bookings, these appointments are $120.

Eventually, all appointments will be ninety minute appointments, with clients having extra self-time in the treatment room.  

Holistic Health (our all-inclusive 90-minute appointment) - $200
(usually includes a thirty+ minute integration period during which time you can relax to custom-selected music in the treatment room, nap, or write in a notebook, stretch).

We open up with our intake assessment, during which we track progress towards a variety of health goals (although, usually there is one primary domain we work on).
We may provide as needed health education, learning activities,
or resource connections, emotional support, or coaching towards clarity.

Then, we use the rest of the time for any of the following modalities

- Relaxed Alignment (can combine with cupping, acupressure, tuning fork therapy)

- Tai Chi or Chi Gong Lesson (we can also do this as a separate service on the hour or half-hour)

Tai Chi Lessons usually replace on-the-table work for the day.  

Holistic Health - 12 Sessions ($2400 - 300) = $2100*
*Includes initial two hr Intake
First eight clients get this package for $1800

Holistic Health - 4 Sessions ($800 - 98) = $702*

*Includes initial two hr Intake

First four clients get this package for $600


Custom packages available, contact me for a quote.

Holistic Health Appointments can be scheduled weekdays starting at 9, 10, or 11am.  

All continuing clients may received discounted prices on education opportunities such as my twelve week Tai Chi essentials or Wellness through nutrition courses.

Health Coaching Only (online or in-person options)

"Gradual-targeted sustainable change"
- First Ten Clients get the discount


This service is for:

A) folks who have been wanting to change for a while now.  They are already experts on what they need to do.   And simply haven't had the resources (whether emotional, knowledge, mindset, or something else) to do it on their own. 


C) Anyone who wants to get healthier, feel more energy, correct a condition through lifestyle, and ensure they can enjoy every day as long as possible (while effectively preventing most health obstacles).  

We teach you the time-tested foundations of healing, health, and enjoyment -  
skills, habits, and information that last for life. 

In our basic service we use an integrative assessment to determine
the most important area of health to prioritize
Usually one or two important habits that we've identified as important to overall health.
- Includes 60 Minute Goal-Setting Intake  

- Biweekly 30 minute Phone/Video Sessions

- Twice Weekly Check-Ins via Text (w/ availability for short 5 minute talks)

(usually a short text simply reminding you that our work exists, helping you stay on track; w/ availability for short < 5 minute calls at that time)

Coaching calls can be scheduled Mondays and Wednesdays 1-3pm.  We usually pick a time and stick with it.  I usually check in Tuesdays + Thursdays (and sometimes Saturdays around lunch time 12:30-1p).  

I can accept up to 12 coaching clients at any one time.

1 Month Trial - $400 

3 Month Package - $1,200 - 45 = $1155 
6 Month Package - $2400 - 200 = $2200 

1 Year Package (can only accept one client at a time for this intensive adventure) - $4800 -800 = $4,000

Inner Home Adventures - Embodiment Program

Currently accepting up to two clients for this program

Easily our most intense program, we can only accommodate two clients at once, given the intensity of committing to a year of work together.  Eventually we will open this program up once our own sea legs are stronger.  

This program includes up to three ninety minute appointments per month.  Clients in this program also have unlimited access to the courses we offer (lectures on topics in integrative health, wellness through nutrition and biomechanics of Tai Chi course).  

We recommend clients in this program plan for approximately fifteen processing hours/week; this is normally active self work that incorporates at least a few hours of active integration of the session (hiking or walking is a great way to do this).  

Participating in this program costs $4800.  This is the cost of twenty four holistic health sessions, although clients may come up to thirty six sessions throughout the year (a value of $7200). 
Our twelve week courses on nutrition and Tai Chi run at three-hundred dollars each.  We may have other offerings through out the year as well.  

This program offers a chance to learn through resonance. It takes a lot of self work, and you are encouraged throughout to cultivate your powerful inner guidance ie Intuition.   


Each candidate for this this program is required to submit a letter of intention prior to consideration for acceptance.  

The letter must contain:

A statement of why you feel this program is the right fit for you and what intentions you'd like to manifest through the process.  It could be a particular health or embodiment goal, or that you simply want to learn more through an experiential process that seeks to nourish your sacredness, and help you towards greater health leadership; towards mastery of the essential knowledge, habits and skills needed for lifelong healing, health, and enjoyment. . . 

Payment Policies for Inner Home Adventures - Embodiment Program

At this time, we only accept payment for this program as one lump sum; although we will eventually develop a payment plan option.  We do not offer refunds on this program, so please ensure it is the right fit for you; which includes having ample time to devote to processing our work together.  Please read our article, the "therapeutic process" (media library) which explores our model of sustainable change; and may help give you a sense of whether this option is right for your needs and goals; or whether a shorter program is more suited, for now.
We can potentially discount the cost of shorter programs from this one;
although you will need to speak with us directly; and we'll go from there.

Quality of Life w_ or w_o Longevity Practices.png


Our Guarantees

How We Can Help

At Wushing Wellness we care about the whole You. 


Whether we are working in the context of holistic lifestyle coaching,
relaxed alignment therapies, or in a class together - 
we consider all factors relevant to your sustained he
aling, health and enjoyment




Healing, Health, and Enjoyment

Generally, healing is process of recognizing imbalance and applying the keys to health. 

It is a return to center. 

Health is the consistent application of these keys (⬇️ ) to maintain Center.

Enjoyment is the application of health towards a certain service or goal. 
It is a place of consistent engagement with life, while maintaining one's Center. 

It is possible to be in "Enjoyment" or 'Optimal Flow" in one area of life, while healing in another.

Primary Health Domains, according to biomedical research, and organized through the Five Elements (Wu Shing).  

As importantly, we care about your overall goals for the work, and how that fits the story you want life to tell. 

Some are looking for more ease, peace of mind, direction, clarity, stability and/or connection.  Others - less pain, help with a condition; and/or learning an approach to health that radically assists their support of others. 


Whatever your goals 

we're here to help 

Therapeutic Alliance

No matter the service - 

- (Even in our online health-coaching consults) -

We want you to have an experience of warmth, tranquility, and containment.


We want you to walk away feeling refreshed and relaxed,  

with more embodied wisdom   with which to enjoy life   as long as possible.  

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