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Meet Tim

Hello 😄

I'm Tim.   I'm a licensed massage and manual therapist
with 10+ years ongoing training in Eastern Medical Arts,
including 6+yrs Doctoral Training
in Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine.


 I am thrilled to offer my holistic Services to Canines in the Gorge!

Canines like humans have medical histories, traumas, hang-ups, spiritual and physical imbalances and needs.  I provide relaxing support
while empowering human parents with massage

and lifestyle techniques for optimizing canine health!  

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Some of our clients

#BowietheBeagle gets a Deeper Breath & Relaxes his Shoulders Completely

-> Watch the video to experience what a session is like. We cover Emotional Healing and Dog Parent Empowerment
w/ Massage Techniques and Holistic Lifestyle Education

➡️ In this session, we open up Bowie's lungs to a deeper Breath,
➡️ We release tension in the Shoulder Blades - helping with Walking,
➡️ We Tone the Low Back To help Take Tension from Upper and Guide it 
   To Lower

➡️ We provide holistic take-home Education for optimizing Health!  
*Future visits may work on using massage and lifestyle to improve function within the respiratory system (ie reduce scarring from childhood illness). 
*Featuring #Bowiethebeagle, who may snuggle you at your next cut / style at Rumours Hair (White Salmon, WA).  Rumours Rocks!
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Booking the 1st Session

Canine Bodywork Hours
Fri 8a-8p
Sat 8a-12p 
20 min - $69
40 min - $99
First Appt -$20 off
Take Video/Photo we can Share -$8 off 

To book your 1st appointment, tap Book Now ⬇️ 

👉🏻 Then, Select Time, Fill out Contact, and we'll get back to you with confirmation

and how to get here.  


See you soon!



Scroll to the very bottom of the page to find Canine Bodywork!  
While you're in, book yourself a Massage or Integrative session.  
Your canine friend can chill with us in the room! :D

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