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The therapeutic encounter, how to gain the most out of it, and how to determine whether it's a good

1. Each week and/or month, It's important to set aside time to process and implement the work from each session in order to potentiate its value.

This will enable you to experience to potency of the work, and will tell you whether working together is a perfect (or at least good-enough) fit for your unique needs and aims (though we hope our marketing does most of that).

As a provider, I always encourage you to listen to what's best for you. Where possible, I amplify that little voice (from and towards) as objective of a place as possible.

In the ten minute video below, I discuss the therapeutic relationship through the lens of the Five Phase (wu shing) model. It's important to recognize that we get to choose how we relate to our providers; coupled with an increasing curiosity of what our actual goals and needs are; and the virtues and unproductive energies of that practitioner.

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