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Beautiful Flowers


Self-Discovery Age

Fire Phase: from 8 to 33 years
Adolescence and Young AdultHood
*Cycle Support*  *WayFinding*  *Health Mentorship*







The younger years are represented
by the Fire Phase in Chinese 5 Element (Wu Shing) Theory. 

flits around Consuming Fuel where ever it can.  


It doesn’t stay in one place for very long! 

Just so the ancients saw this Fire Phase of life (8-33 years old)

as a time of exploration / trying out new things and discovering the world. 


Inside and out.


Only later (in the earth phase - 33-58 years old)

does it become important to commit to a certain life path -  

establish home . . .

During the Fire Phase . . . 
it’s natural to not know oneself and

it’s important to not force things.

One should -
like a flower opening . . .
gently encourage . . .  

Try this, try that,

let what is True be Strengthened, 

and what's not - like worn petals -
return to Earth!  


The years from 8 to 33 go through many Cycles:

rapid growth, puberty, reproductive maturity, falling in love, 
New Institutions, Getting Out of Institutions, Finding Life's Central Meaning. 

This time is often vulnerable, 
and can be confusing.


Especially at transition points - 


here can be


For this reason . . . 

Finding proper role models

and people that can guide them forward

is really important.  

The (5-Element) WuShing Way


In our practice, no matter the age we still focus on the same things -
the roots of healing, health, and authentic happiness.  


However,  we consider these common human cycles

while honoring the unique Calling withIn 


Our work with this age involves 

-> Developing a motivating mentorship 
that becomes the Ground for stronger health Practice,
self knowing and Way-finding.


-> This therapeutic relationship is grounded in quality time together - 

speaking directly about life topics important to health;

and strategically reinforcing the right habits,

in mind and behavior (the role of the practitioner).


When applicable we work with practices (desc. Below)
that nourish and sustain health such as gentle bodywork,
mindfulness based movement,
and time in nature. 

(Desc below).

These practices give younger folks tools

through which they can acquire

instantaneous calm, InSight, and physical wellness,

allowing them to cut the roots of anxiety, poor focus,

impulsiveness and rumination!


Clients [in their fire phase] increasingly recognize their capacity
ato make new choices about their reactions,

allowing them to become more compassionate,

and emotionally aware, with newfound freedom.  

{Search "benefits of mindfulness"
to find any one of hundreds of summary papers
on over 20,000 research studies into this topic!!!) 

Exploring a Number of Pathways


We always discuss these practices ahead of time,
their different benefits and risks (not really many here
when done with proper procedures), 


and the option to try different practices
until we find the ones that really inspire and motivate
that patient’s wellness habits!


We offer shorter and longer visits 

depending on individual need.  


The first few appointments are often longer

as we go through our holistic health intake

and learn about all the systems of the body, 


helping us identify which systems to focus on and where.  


After that appointments  are often shorter

though are mostly tailored to individual need, interest, and goals!


Usually visits include our wellness check-in (a strategic conversation
about the areas of health we’ve identified as most important).  


(Learn more about our wellness habit solidification).
(Skip to other methods) 


This helps grow the habits that sustain
desired long term change /or those evidence-based
approaches necessary for global wellness!  


Since the client is in their own transformational process;
this time is not necessarily about finding the perfect habits (though it can and often is); more than anything it’s education that empowers a healthy mind, heart, and body! 


The knowledge, habits (physical and mental), 

and skills (ie nutritious and delicious cooking), the client learns are so relevant to daily living that it’s likely they’ll keep them for life!


Our background in health program design allows us to break the learning process into logical steps that guide the client towards mastery of subject areas; whether we are talking about nutrition, mindful movement practices, MindSet and/or communication with others.  


In past times, 

We’ve designed health programs that take high school and adult students step by step towards subject mastery.  


This background enables us in our work with individuals to see precisely where an individual is in their process of mastery, their next best step; and how to get them there!!!



Postural, Nerve, and Organ ReAttunement Therapies 


We offer our clients a number of other approaches to wellness too!  


These are more embodied and suitable for both evolutionary and healing work.




We’ve been studying Eastern and Integrative approaches to health now over ten years, 

six of which includes ongoing medical training in East-Asian Medicine (which includes the studying of acupuncture Chinese herbal medicine and integrative bodywork and psychology; with mentors in naturopathic and integrative medicine as well ).  


Tim is still completing his thesis, after which he will earn the title will be Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.  


(Tim at his 2022 graduation).


Since Tim’s approach has always included Both East and West, With a Stronger Truth in the Middle - His preferred title is 

Integrative Health Practitioner!




Tim practices integrative bodywork under his manual therapy license, incorporating knowledge of Western Nerve and Chinese Channel pathways to bring balance to the harem.   function more harmoniously and resilientlt.  ct any disharmonies within the system; over time shifting them back to harmonious baseline. “




Tim practices integrative bodywork under his manual therapy license, incorporating knowledge of Western Nerve and Chinese Channel pathways to bring balance to the harem.   function more harmoniously and resilientlt.  ct any disharmonies within the system; over time shifting them back to harmonious baseline. “




Gentle bodywork and acupressure 


Working with Tim includes 

The possibility of somatic approaches 

such as gentle bodywork and acupressure; 


These identify the areas of body that need most support, and use the posture -

and the organ-nerve pathways

to balance the system. 


Find out more.


These practices teaches the client new ways of relaxing into their bodies, 

new ways of moving, and internally experiencing connection from within.  


It can be a great way to experience the benefits of meditation in a safe setting; especially suitable for those with a history of trauma.  


Meditation has been show in now over 20,000 studies to have a wide range of benefits from increases in memory and well being to reductions in depression/anxiety and quite literally increases in the density of the brain.  People feel more connected to themselves and learn to take more space between thought and action.  


This allows them to be more aware and thoughtful of their emotions and impact on others, 


increasing their compassion and emotional intelligence.  


Anyone interested in providing health care or healing to others can especially benefit from the skill of being mindful - which has been shown to increase patient outcomes, and patients positive perceptions of their providers!


Individuals interested in eastern, western, and/or integrative medicine will find a rich mentorship experience here.  


While the work remains focused on the individuals wellness goals and on helping them with getting the right habits 


Having worked with the body through over a decade of healing movement sciences; and with the “chi”, nerves, and blood vessels through Eastern Medicine training - 


We have a very keen sense of where to focus in order to create balance.


In terms of the health habits 


Having worked in education and wellness environments with a wide range of ages, 

and having designed many wellness programs (and in many recent years treatment plans) 


- we have a wide variety we also can organize 




(Of course everyone’s different and some know what they want to do from birth. ).

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