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Table of Contents

I. What If I only want somatic work (ie no lifestyle education)?
(Summary: it's okay, showing up is a lifestyle change, and has numerous benefits even if we don't speak!).  

II. Foundations Program - What happens at the end of the program
(summary: you can choose to continue, or discontinue; reduce frequency, etc. whatever is healthiest.)

I.  What if I only want massage and/or bodywork (ie no lifestyle change education)?

Those who do not want to talk or set a particular lifestyle goal are welcome in my practice. 
Although our speciality is identifying those small changes that support the whole,
helping things along through regular check-ins, manageable objectives, and ongoing support -

It's important to remember that simply showing up each week
and participating in a relaxed alignment session is a lifestyle change

all on its own.  It takes time and effort to come in with presence.  

It can also take time to really process the information acquired in a session,
whether that was an idea for a new or modified routine, a particular feeling you'd like to remember,
and/or insights that came through deepening awareness. 

Our therapies, whether Five Element Manual Therapy, or Tai Chi - emphasize a return to Nature. 
Nature is intelligent, and recognizes our highest potential, reliably, time and time again.

No matter who we are or the perceived mistakes we've made, Mother Nature holds us in Forgiveness, showing the Way.  

In seeing the Way, we start to recognize where things are stuck; and how to come back to our truth. Here at Wu Shing Wellness, we believe our roles is to help our clients attune to this Natural Intelligence.  

Lifestyle is an important piece  . . . 


Although - even if we do not speak at all - it's likely, 

through the spaciousness in which you're you're held - 
you'll start to notice where the changes need to occur,  and feel supported in doing so.


II.  What happens at the end of the foundations program?


At the end of the three month program, clients may continue for the rest of the year, they may reduce their frequency of visits to twice/monthly, monthly, or as needed; or they may discontinue entirely.  It all depends on their progress, goals, and needs.  

It is common to continue working together for the better part of a year while the approach works its magic.  The work we do is rooted in wisdom; which does not come overnight.  Rather it takes consistent observation to grasp it in a way is able to sustain.  

Those interested in a longer course of work together can inquire about further discounts on a six month or twelve month program, which at this time due to their intensity have limited capacity; although may include free access to our education programs such as Tai Chi & Nutrition Essentials.

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