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Nature Inside

In Fact, Tim's first album "Elemental Healing Sounds" - designed to supplement tai chi or meditation practice was based on the five element tones (said to resonate each of the associated elements and organ systems) - now has almost one million views on YouTube, with many happy listeners!  Listen below ⬇️ 

Wu Shing Wellness.007.jpeg

Tim and the Five Phases (Wǔ Shíng)


       Here Tim is pictured receiving his two-hundred hour certification in Five-Element Medical Chi Gong, posing with Master Teachers (Phoenix, Arizona, USA, 2014 - two years after starting the intensive program!).  

Through the course of his personal and medical education (Classical Chinese Medicine, now a thesis and a couple courses away from his diploma), Tim has steeped himself in the Five Element and Twelve Channel Frameworks (and others) as lens through which to understand the important things in health and in life.

He finds its elegance is that its complex enough to explain the nuances of physiology needed for medical decision-making, yet simple enough to explain emotions to a small child.  This is because it uses the language of nature - water, wood, fire, metal, and earth.

⬅️   Here Tim speaks about heart-stagnation and trauma

through the lens of fire, water, and wood.

You'll find throughout our work together  that we use the five phases in most of our assessments, and we use it to organize the many tools in our toolkit.  
Here we see the many areas of life we may consider during a holistic assessment.  

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