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Meet Tim
and His Teachers

Posing with Master Teachers, Arizona, 20
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The Full Story

Tim is passionate about helping his clients achieve and sustain

optimal well-being.  

He understands what it's like to suffer from chronic illness,
or to strive after
 goals without progress.

He understands the need for Mastering Health

to better serve others.   

Tim sees Health as having Many Essentials-
how we eat, move, think, 
feel, and communicate (to name a few!)







He believes the Best Approach

Integrates all these Foundations

For the last 14 years, Tim's mission has been to 
to discover the keys 
to mastering these essentials  -

and  to organize these essentials into
comprehensive step-by-step programs 

that meet each person

exactly where they're at - 

 guiding and supporting them
in taking the next best step.








Tim is a native Oregonian.  

At one time conditioned not to like rain -  
he now embraces Nature
in all her phases.  



He is also a Licensed Manual + Massage Therapist,

A 6th Year Doctoral Candidate in Classical Chinese Medicine
+ a 9th yr Instructor of Self-Healing and Cultivation Movement Art "Tai Chi".

The Way

Tim has over 10,000 hrs Designing
and Facilitating Wellness Education.   
And! - has spent well over that studying the Science of Health 
in Heart,  Body,  Mind,  and Relationship. 

Me n' Tai Chi_edited.jpg

This InSight into what's Essential,
and how
to teach it in a personalized step-by-step manner - 

allows his services to remain effective, with sustaining results.


My goal is for all clients to embody knowledge

keeping them enjoying life, as long as possible. 

I hopes our sessions are enjoyable.
I look forward to meeting you.
 - Tim


Training and Qualifications

🌄 Licensed Massage Therapist (Oregon + Washington)

🌍 Chinese Medicine 9+ years (currently in his 7th year of a doctoral degree in Classical Chinese Medicine at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon, United States of America, prior to grad school Tim studied with several veteran teachers and doctors of classical Chinese Medicine, Martial and Healing Arts). 

  • 4,000+ Education Hours (400+ clinical hours)

  • 1000+ hours in massage, bodywork, acupuncture techniques and fundamentals

  • 300+ Hours in Biomedical Sciences (thousands more in undergraduate research, and  hundreds more in mentorship-style conversations with Integrative Physician (ND, LAc), Dr. Paul Kalnins.)

  • One year mentorship tutorial with David Berkshire (LAc) (Five Element Acupuncture and Principles of Natural Medicine) 

  • One year mentorship with Dr. Glowacki (long-time student of 88th generation Daoist priest Jeffrey Yuen, holistic approaches to Chinese Medicine + Acupuncture)

  • Years of education with founding professor Dr. Heiner Fruehauf, who emphasizes the holistic nature of Classical Chinese Medicine as comprehensive worldview. Serving as current thesis advisor.

  • Years of clinical education with Dr. Brandt Stickley, a specialist in the integration of psychology with Chinese Medicine; and in the redefinition of psychiatric diagnoses in terms of a humans positive (albeit incomplete) drive for connection.

🏔 Certified Tai Chi and Five Element Medical Chi Gong Instructor

  • Ten years training total.  

  • Phoenix, Arizona, USA: Master Teachers Michael Leone, Jason Campbell, and Alan Venable (Tai Chi Long and Short forms, sword, broadsword, two-person fighting set, fire wheels, Eight trigram palm, Five Element Medical Chi Gong, Daoist Yoga).

  • Phoenix, Arizona, USA: Advanced Tai Chi Instruction with David Block, forty+ year teacher and lineage holder of Tung style tai chi (variant of the yang style from family lineage in Chen village).  

  • Changsha, Hunan Province, China: Chen Style TaiJi w/ Martin Ding (direct protege of the Chen-style representative for the entire province).

💞 Holistic Educator (Psychology, Nutrition, Goal-Setting, Communication, Technology Hygiene, Mindfulness-Based Movement Interventions, Holistic Approaches to Substance Abuse and Addiction, Emotional Literacy, Feng Shui / Environmental Health, Systems Wellness + Family Coaching) 

  • Over 10,000+ teaching and curriculum design hours, in public,
    private and non-profit wellness education settings.  

  • Some master’s level training (twenty four credits, Arizona State University)

👨🏻‍⚕️Bachelor’s of Science, Psychology, Linfield University (2009-2013), minor in German language. 

  • Special Focus: Flow, Positive Psychology, and Holistic Analysis of Caffeine 

  • Caffeine Awareness Education and Effects on Well-being

  • Understanding Caffeine: Macronutrient or harmful illusion?

🎯Although Tim's training as Doctor of Chinese Medicine is nearly complete, he won't add
Acupuncture to his practice until he completes dissertation and board ex
ams (ETA 1 year). 
🧘 His research involves exploring the science of sound
 (modern and ancient)
in therapeutic and educational settings.
Although the thesis is only a starting place for h
is later work, Tim's eventual aim
is to design a holistic education system that uses sound in precise ways to enhance learning.
(⚛️ this is according to a holographic philosophy of sound that links tones, sequences, rhythms,
to learning themes, physical exercises, and natural phenomena. If this sounds like
mumbo jumbo - it will make sense after reading his dissertation :)


🎉 One example of Tim's work -"Elemental Healing Sounds" - designed to enhance meditation and tai chi (using the over three-thousand year old tone sequences for the five elements) - now has close to one million views on YouTube; and has been used for reducing anxiety, helping in post-surgery recovery, traumatic brain injury, or as general supplement to guided relaxation by therapists, yoga instructors,  and other practitioners.  

Heiner Fruehauf, PhD

Heiner Fruehauf, PhD

Paul Kalnins.jpeg

Paul Kalnins, ND, Lac

Ken Glowacki.jpeg

Dr. Glowacki, DACM, LAc


Michael Leone

David Block.jpeg

David Block

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