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Grounded in Timeless Wisdom,

Our Multi-Dimensional Approach

can help almost any person

at any life stage

with any dis-ease

or health Aim - 













"At a certain point of healing and health,
you cannot but achieve what you want"




No really, 
slow Down, 
breathe . . .




all the way out . . .









Take some time to feel 

these pictures and words

designed  for



It will prepare you  


to have an amazing



Points and Channels_edited.jpg










supporting YOU

through ANY healing

and Evolutionary Process











Massage and Manual Therapy












"Lasting Change through Conversation"




When the Five Shing

Are Harmonized Within


In Ways that last

👋🏻 Goodbye👋🏻  

👋🏻 Hello 👋🏻

Woman Walking Outdoors
Tai Chi Demo
Wellness Coaching
Integrative Massage Therapy

Some methods we use




🌟 Health Accountability Coaching

🌟Five Element Body Work
Postural reEducation 


You'll feel inspired 




and Calm


More like . . . 







No, it's not selfish . . .entirely .  .   It's a nourishing of You,   authenticallynatural ly

Such That - your abundant health overflows to and inspires those You serve! 

        Massage Therapy

Lifestyle Education

Massage Therapy
Domains Transparent.001.png

"A rising tide lifts all boats"



Our tranquil yet focused container 

Helps you find increasing Inner Wellness

Physically, Mentally and Emotionally
Increasing Focus, Clarity, Ease in Body and Mind. 

to What's Important

to YOU   


More Direction

Greater Love -
and within

  ❤️ all of Life ❤️   

Let's work together

so that you enjoy

living into your dream life




We look forward to serving you 

Other common goals/concerns include:  

- Improving bone and blood quality
- Feminine issues with the cycle
- P
ersonal growth and development goals 

These all respond to our time-tested and East-West methods!  

All it takes is the effort to show up with some consistency,

relax into the process,
and do what more you can, when you can  


We're here for



And we're confident      

in the structure and process

we've refined over a decade -


one intelligently designed to help shape
habits that continue servicing your dream life,
long after our together work is done.  


We enjoy giving you wonderful Treasures
with which you may enrich 

all of life,

with which you may bring

abundant happiness and overflowing health 

to those you serve and love





Our end goal is to help to YOU transform your own consciousness - 
Naturally positioning You
to Uplift those around you

First - by example
and working on feeling consistently incredible
(yes, some suffering is unavoidable!) -

and then through relaxing into the Natural You! 

Those who want to share more broadly
ie teach what they have learned,
well, we can chat more -

[sh... we may be developing a health leadership certificate program . . . ]
However, whether or not you identify as one -

We always teach the teacher within

knowing the simple wisdom we share

cannot but flow to others

as it is mastered within. 



A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats_edited.png
The first wealth is health
Mt Hood Button
Health Habit Solidification Vertical Image

Master Healing 




and Health





Health Conversation    +  deep Relaxation


The first wealth is health


Step-by-step habit change.  One Solid Step at a Time.  Using an Integrative Health Map, and the Clarity we gain in our "Mapping the Way" Sesh.

Meet Regularly in Person, by Phone or Video Chat
Motivating Focus  on  Embodying Change

East-West Massage and

Organ Tuning

A deeply relaxing experience that gradually shifts the organs, nerves, blood vessels, and Posture towards greater Harmony.
Balance       Flow      Energy-Efficiency        Resilience

Click any button learn more

Health Coaching 2 Vertical_edited.png
Points and Channels_edited.jpg


A powerful combination of Habit Affirmation, 
Internal Organ and Postural Education

Habits Supporting health from the inside ➡️  out,

from Outside ➡️ In.

The Inner Home Adventure is our premium service
a Longer Appointment focused on Holistic Health,

during which we have a more in depth Check-In
(using WellCoaching to Support Health Habit Embodiment)
and get to explore one or two methods of choice 

whether East-West Massage
and Organ Harmony (typical go-tos),
and/or Personalized Tai Chi Movements

And/OR Other Offerings
alk n' Talk (nature walking and explorative talking)
Health Explorations (pre-selected topic)
Tuning Fork and Sound Therapy 

learn more
on our services page









You will need a private room or space

in which you can relax completely.

In case of movement therapies like tai chi  

ensure you have some room to move freely.






The Inner Home Adventure features 

an optional thirty minute integration period

during  which you can relax completely

to music tuned to your needs***.


During this time you may fully enjoy the treatment room,

take a nap and/or move gently on a yoga mat!).

We may suggest a self-guided meditation, and/or  

Encourage you to reflect in writing. 





Integration Pro-Tip: A post-appointment

Nature Walk is Incredible

To Learn More
About the

Inner Home Adventure


Scroll Up and
Click Anywhere

in Green Rectangle


Sound Therapy

***At the end of each Inner Home Adventure
We will carefully select
music for you
according to Five Element

 (Wu Shing) Analysis of  Constitution,
and/or Root causes of dis-Ease. 






This work is Rooted in our Doctoral Research

which looks at Design of Music

for Organ Systems, Medical Conditions,

and Personal Growth.  




Some of our work is available on YouTube -
Our most popular "Elemental Healing Sounds"

Widely Enjoyed

by close to one million listeners  


The All-Inclusive

Inner Home


Growing Healthy Roots
Screen Shot 2023-07-08 at
Woman Walking Outdoors_edited.jpg

*We encourage you to click and read the "Health Habit Solidification"
and "EastWest Massage + Organ Re-Attuning "  Sections ⬆️  

to get a sense of what these therapies are and how they work

In Sum . . .

Our deeply relaxing sessions provide

precisely what's needed

to reduce unnecessary pain and suffering,


improving your ability

In mind and body

to grow through challenge.  

“Tōng, bù tòng!
   Bù tōng, tòng!"

"Connection, No Pain!"
"No Connection, Pain!"

-Chinese Medical Proverb

The cause of pain is Stagnation; 

and the Cure - Smooth Circulation. 


In the Body - Smooth Circulation
of healthy nutrient-dense blood.

In life, Smooth Circulation
through Nutrition, Movement, Deep Relaxation,

Meaningful Service, Community and Spirit.

Wu Shing_edited.jpg

Meet Tim

Wu Shing Bao Ji-en
Timothy Motoyuki, Licensed Massage Thera

➡️  Wellness Educator with
      over fourteen years experience learning,
      teaching, and studying under masters of
      health and wellness education

➡️  Licensed Massage Therapist 
      (Oregon, Washington)

➡️   Tai Chi & Medical
Chi Gong Instructor

       (Phoenix, AZ)(Tenth Year of Practice)

➡️   Classical Chinese Medicine:
     Doctoral Candidate (Year Six)

      Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Asian       
      Bodywork, Nutrition, Psychology, 
      Holistic Lifestyle, Environmental Wellness
      (on break, Completing Sound Therapy     
      Thesis Research ((NUNM, Portland, OR)





Appointments can be booked online or by phone!

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