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Golden Age
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So you can enjoy the golden years,

as long as possible

Enjoying the Golden

Who do we help?

 We help retired and semi-retired
groups and individuals who:

a) have health concerns or issues
  they'd like to fix for good. 
) who want to prevent age-related
dis-ease, ensuring radiant health
+ / c) who are curious about Eastern
and Western Wisdom

How do we help?

We help them strengthen the knowledge, habits, and skills  that enhance and extend life.

Longevity Basics

Well-Documented Domains of Life Important to Health (not exhaustive list)

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Outcomes may include:
✅ Increased mobility, strength and quality of life

✅ Improvements in energy, digestion and balance
✅ Feeling that life is good, if not great

⬇️Stiffness ⬇️Pain ⬇️Achiness ⬇️Swelling

⬆️Circulation ⬆️Denser Bones ⬆️Healthy Joints

✅ Chronic Dis-Ease Prevention and Reversal (including diabetes, hypertension, and osteo-...
and Reversal

Our personalized programs - customized according to your preferences and needs - include one and/or all of the following:

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Manual Therapies and Massage
Bodywork to open up the circulation, relax tight muscles, clear swelling, and re-educate the alignment of tissues and bones. Simply show up,  relax, and work with our  prompts

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Targeted Lifestyle Affirmation

Master Wellness:  Strategic and educational check-ins on the most important areas of health: Nutrition, Movement, Meaning, Community. Forming new habits, remaining focused until the Aim's Achieved. Efficiently, Effectively, in Ways that remain.  that Sustain, Life!  

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Tai Chi_edited.jpg

Benefits of Tai Chi 

Engaging the whole body with relaxation, 

ensuring blood, nutrition, and oxygen

enrich every cell.  Radiance ⬆️  Toxins 🔽

To book your initial appointment - during which time we'll ask you a comprehensive set of questions to determine how to best serve you - and during which time you'll have the opportunity to enjoy your chosen therapy -  

simply tap
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I. Vision and Mission
II. Our Approach

III. Our Services

IV. Our Premium Programs and Deals

V. Location Details (Downtown White Salmon, Washington State, USA)

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Vision and Mission  


Our goal is for every client to feel equipped to enjoy the golden years with dignity and courage in tact,
avoiding the trend towards spending the last
 years of life in gradual decline - 

taking charge of the wisdom that is each's duty to share.

This is to avoid the unfortunate circumstance of carrying such wisdom without expression - feeling a burden

that ends up crushing them and their loved ones,  sending them towards poor quality life, and,  a premature end. 

This is owed in part to current US culture, which is not honoring traditional family.   

"The first wealth is health"
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our approach, owing to it’s simplicity, not only empowers clients to take care of and grow in their health;
it also equips them to share this wisdom with others, both a critical ingredient in life's enjoyment;
and as part of completing their learning.

"The first wealth is health"

Relaxing Into Alignment Picture.001.jpeg



How do we help?


Our approach includes  comprehensive, step-by-step lifestyle education, combined with mind-body therapies which teach structural alignment and progressive mobility enhancement.

Targeted Education + Feedback

In many ways, it's a software upgrade that enables clients to both maintain and evolve their hardware,
enabling them to not only prevent, but also reverse the numerous effects of aging.


Sustainable change has never been so easy . . .

Will it take effort? yes!  Will it feel effortful?  Maybe, but not as much as trying it all on your own. 

We've done ninety nine percent of the work ahead of time,

so your rice grain of required effort is multiplied times one hundred.

All you have to do is show up, and trust in the process enough to engage;
You'll see soon enough whether it gets the results you need.  


Our end of the bargain is to -

using our science-backed methods -

to make it as easy, effective, and,  sustainable.

"Trust me enough to go out and verify whether what I'm saying is true"

- Michael Leone 


Ongoing community support

After and during our work together, you'll have affordable access to our continuing tai chi or nutrition programs that continue engaging and developing your health,

offering opportunities to share what you've learned and to support others who need it

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Our Therapies


Most diseases, and conversely, good health, begin and end with the lifestyle.  Lifestyle therapy has always been the highest form of medicine, as it's the only solution that engenders self-sufficiency in self healing - empowering the inner doctor  

Our comprehensive approach to lifestyle education is rooted in:
a) western research on the most important health domains
b) non-traditional perspectives on what humans need for health

c) over ten thousand hours creating and leading health education experiences

Health Domains

In all our journeys, we have found the ancient worldviews suitable for organizing our comprehensive and integrative approach. 

Here, we use the Wu Shing (or five element framework) to organize the most important elements of health,
from the discrete functions of the organs, to psychology and lifestyle behaviors. Learn more.

Health Coaching is a science based approach to habit change.  Its principles can be learned to help yourself and others.  It involves using a SMART approach to frame one's goals and identify strategies for achieving them; including the obstacles and habits that support the whole picture.  Step-by-step, we focus on the most important health habits, one at a time, moving forward with confidence into your ideal mind, body, and life.

Whole Body Balancing
like taking a car to the mechanic,
we tune you up to optimal function,
with maintenance tasks to take home with you. 

Acutonic Therapy
Manual Therapy

We term these therapies - whether assisted stretching, tension release methods,
or organ and channel tuning with acupressure, tuning fork and sound therapy -
"relaxed alignment"; as all you need to do is to show up, follow our gentle prompts, and relax;
with the end result feeling more in alignment, structurally, and in the space between body and mind.   


The effects of these therapies are cumulative over weeks and months as they are a form of structural and internal education, teaching the body how to function optimally, whether that is remembering something it learned and forgot; or developing a new function to meet the current circumstances.

   ⭐️ Our service deals ⭐️⭐️

We offer discounts on packages as it
a) makes serving you easier and b) is the most effective way to benefit from our services. 
With an up-front commitment there is less resistance to change, and less energy lost to minor transactions.  The work ahead is clear cut and it's easier to enter the state of flow that engenders transformation.   


How long will we work together?


We explore this question in the "therapeutic process" section below.  Short answer: to ensure our results last, although there's a lot of situational variation, there are time-tested models that can guide our answers.  In general, it can take up to a few months of consistent work; and then less frequent maintenance; however, everyone is different, and even a small tune-up can help a lot.

We are here to serve you, and in the best of all worlds,
habit change happens and sticks in a few months.  

However, many say it takes at least a year of consistent effort for things to stick. 

While we believe this is generally true (it is found repeated in many wisdom traditions (learn more about this framework in the "therapeutic process" section below)) -  we also believe that when a strategic education is combined with a mind-body therapies (such as tai chi and holistic manual therapy) - in a co-created container
- this allows change to happen much more rapidly, and for longer 

Why does this combination of factors enhance the change process?


It is well-known in psychology that in states of hypnosis, one is able to have a stronger effect on the programming that can either support, or work against our ideal life. 
This is due to the fact that when we are in a relaxed state, we can access the deeper layers of self.  

Our therapies - whether chi gong, tai chi, or manual therapy - are a form of guided self-hypnosis that not only has the benefits of physical activity - clearing out toxic physical, mental and emotional gunk - 
it creates openness to the layers of self only accessible through relaxation. 

When this is combined with a goal-setting structure, well, the sky's the limit on what you can achieve!
*Even in health-coaching only clients, there is normally time to introduce basic mind-body harmony

Still everyone is different, and there's a limit to how much any one person can receive from care. 

It all depends on their individual circumstance.  

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The First Appointment


The first appointment - whether we are focused on mobility or lifestyle support - and/or whether we are health coaching only, or including total body alignment - includes an assessment of your primary health goals and concerns, as well as systems of the body and lifestyle important to optimal health.  

Health Domains
Organs and the Elements

The thorough intake we go through in our first appointment enables us to identify the most important ingredients you need to focus on to ensure wellness. It also offers an opportunity to develop comfort with the work environment and with each other; gathering enough information to ensure the service we offer aligns with the needs and goals that you may have.  

The first appointment also includes time for a mind-body therapy:

Tai Chi Essentials (can be done online), or East-West Manual Therapies

We will answer any questions at that time.  

The Plan

Either on the first appointment, or a time after (it's a bit different for each person and it can take us a walk or so to think through your case and offer an opinion) - we'll reach out with a personalized health plan that summarizes the first appointment and that offers a long-term solution to your goals.   

Depending on the nature of your life situation, time and financial requirements,

we will choose the most effective option for meeting your goals and needs.  

They may not always align with what we can offer, in which case we'll find the best referral for you. 

What to generally Expect

(ie how long will we work together?).

In general, it takes time to learn new habits in a way that sticks

We set easily achievable goals, and build on that from week to week,

until things are more and more solid.  Like placing bricks, time

The time it takes for one person to get solid on their needs and underlying health goals depends on the person, their experience, the nature and chronicity of their condition (how long is the issue around; and/or how large is the goal?). 


We do really short pointer sessions (find a blind spot that benefits our clients for months if not years),

or more intensive work from threes months to a year-long transformations (you can read more about each of these offers in our services, packages, and programs ⬇️ ).  

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A certain path to enhancing and lengthening the golden years . . .


In general, for most clients wanting to potentiate the golden years -

we recommend our three month longevity program.  

It provides a chance to grow in the essentials of health,
affirming the information, lifestyle and skills

that will optimize your physical and mental well-being. 

The program also offers substantial savings over the cost of single appointments;

and it wants your success.

You can read more about our longevity program [and it's science-based foundations] 
on our bookings page; or at the bottom of this one.

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Take advantage of our early bird pricing!

Health Coaching Guiding Sustainable Change
Acutonic Therapy
Tai Chi Essentials

In Sum . . . 

Instead of a pile of pills, injections, and medical procedures that could have been prevented; 


We focus on daily practices that support and enhance a life well-lived.

As well, we connect our clients to affordable and enjoyable learning communities

such that they are sustainably supported in health maintenance and desired growth

We do not allow our clients   to follow the crowd   and spend the last twenty years of life  dying .
Instead,   in the spirit of our teachers,   we focus on time-tested practices 

that enable a Life    Well- and Long- Lived.

Quality of Life and the Purpose of Longevity Practices (remakes of graphs presenting on separate independently coordinated occasions by teachers Heiner Fruehauf (2019) and Michael Leone (2016).  




What separates us from a physical or massage therapist?


Our approach is informed by Eastern Medicine.  

This includes a comprehensive system of diagnosis that sees the root causes of both sickness and health through the lens of the organ systems, whose disharmonies show up with certain signs, symptoms, patterns in the pulse, tongue, skin, and in the tissues, and pathways of the channel system.  

We observe all of these signs to determine the best approach to helping you from the inside out.  
The nature of these therapies are holistic*, and even if the only lifestyle change a person makes is to show up, these therapies will support them in seeing what they need to do next for the overall healing, healing, and growth adventure.  

We can and do support at as many levels as we can, believing a multipronged approach is the safest path to success.   This means that our education can focus at any levels: 
mind, body, emotion, Self, environmental, and relational. 

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What is a holistic therapy (ie massage, acupressure, tai chi)? 

Ancients saw the body, mind, emotions, nature, and higher forces as intimately connected;
an imbalance in one would show up in the other; and vice versa.


The meaning of “physician” is one who is an expert in the body.  

In a holistic therapy such as acupuncture/pressure, five-element bodywork, or even Tai Chi (which has encoded within it a whole philosophy of life) - to address the body alone - 

helps harmonize an individual at every level (mind, body, heart, soul, etc.). 

Speaking is not necessary for change to occur.  So if that's not your preference,

or you already have too much on your mind - Come on in, relax on the table; 
and the systems we have set up and learned will do the work for you. 



This is what is meant when we say “relaxing into alignment.”

Relaxing into Alignment

Services, Packages + Programs

If you are here to learn about our Longevity Program, 
click the make appointment button and click the "Relaxed Alignment Foundations" option.  
You can read more about the program there.  

Or, if you'd like to read more, you can stay on this page, where we share more about our experience,
and the science-based process of sustainable change, including how this informs our work together
(and the length of time we typically work with our clients to achieve successful outcomes).

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Our Start in the Longevity Arts

Posing with Master Teachers, Arizona, 2014

Tim receiving his two-hundred hr teaching certification in Five-Element Medical Chi Gong, and Tai Chi. 
To his left is Alan Venable and Jason Campbell, and Right Michael Leone (the other two master teachers I did not work directly with).

Our introduction to Tai Chi, Chi Gong, and Daoist Medical Sciences started in Phoenix, AZ, under the tutelage of Master teachers Michael Leone, Mr. Campbell, and Alan Venable.  Michael and his team had established their wellness program in Sun City, an area of the city known for it's mostly retired population (and a high rate of alcoholism, which was likely due to the lack of direction and associated self worth that can occur in conventional retirement).  His program not only helped folks out of wheel chairs, it actively reversed their signs of aging. 

Markers of age such as bone density, hyperlipidemia, and telomere length (specialized cells at the end of DNA) - actively reversed - often from twenty years above the average for their age; to more than twenty years below.  Through this age testing, and regular practices in this community -
it became possible to turn the clocks back -

to be an eighty year old in a forty-five year old physique.  

More than the age testing, was the sheer awesomeness of seeing an individual who started in a chair or walker,

later stand and flow through an entire Tai Chi form, many going on to earn their black belts in this martial art. 


However, Michael did not simply teach physical principles of health; he had lived life to such an extent that his ability to transmit the essential truths of different spiritual traditions

was on point with any sage I've ever had the opportunity to meet.  

The point of practice is to cultivate character, to cultivate virtue; and his decades of practice (in himself, his teachers, and his students) were apparent, and is apparent in all that meet him.

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On-Site and Online Appointments 

Helping you embody sustained
Healing, Health & Enjoyment

One Solid Step at a Time

Timothy Motoyuki, Licensed Massage Therapist, Doctoral Student of Asian Medicine (Sixth Ye
Screen Shot 2023-02-28 at 8.14.41 PM.png

All appointments can be done online or in-person!  

Although facemasks are now optional in Washington and Oregon healthcare settings,

we will continue to wear ours, run our HEPA filters, and disinfection procedures.

Our clinic is located in downtown White Salmon, in the hatch building.  

Hatch n Hood.HEIC

Appointments can be booked online or by phone!

(503) 243-1291


Our Longevity (aka Foundations) Program

The Therapeutic Process

ie. so how many sessions do I really need?


Well, that depends on the sort of care you are seeking.  

Do you want an experience of our sort of holistic work together, five-element bodywork,
and maybe some pointers to get you on your way?

Or do you really want support embodying some health-nourishing habits to support you now, and into the rest of your life?  While a few pointers can really help, like a lot; for many clients, it's not that they don't have some idea of the right direction (well, some really don't, and that's normal) -

Rather it's that a consistent approach hasn't been applied for long enough to actually get the lasting results they need.  This is where a practitioner can come into help; holding a container for their wisdom to guide them to health.  


WS Wellness Supporting Y O U in sustaining global wellness through all of life's seasons

While this may sound "woo" to some; it's mostly a scientific process.  We are practical, common-sense thinkers, and when it comes to health, we really focus on the research-supported foundations:
the essential information, habits (physical and mental), and skill-sets needed to support change.

It can take some time to learn and we work hard to ensure that process is as effective, as efficient, and sustainable as possible.  We want you to not only remember the essentials, rather to master them; which ultimately ends up with passing them onto others, whether professionally, or to loved ones.

And, if this sounds like a role you don't want; well, apart from work on yourself - 

it doesn't require any effort (be you).  As you polish your Self, 

those around you feel calmer and more themselves, too.

"Their curiosity turns to receptivity,
and after their third inquiry,
It's at the moment you speak that wisdom's complete."


This is simply because your body, mind, and emotions are clearer, cleaner, stronger. 
All in alignment.  A state of radiant clarity with which others resonate - simply through their own biologically-encoded sense of right and wrong in terms of what general helps people feel great. 


It's when their curiosity turns to receptivity, and when they begin to ask questions; that your wisdom nears completion.  Some say that it's when they ask for the third time, it's when they're finally ready to learn; and it's at that time, when you speak, that the wisdom is yours, complete.  

Embodiment Process.004.jpeg


We use following model (appearing repeatedly across traditions, and supported with conventional scientific findings) as a rough metric for the process of change:

  • It takes one day to change your mind

  • It takes thirty days (of sticking to this change) to change the underlying mental-emotional patterns (superficial beliefs; tendencies; non-supportive mental-emotional constellations). 
    se changes can literally show up as neural pathways in the brain; with accumulations leading to different densities of gray and white matter (see: meditation practice and gray matter density).

  • It takes ninety days to change the biological rhythms (hormonal patterns) to support the change. Most hormones are carried in the blood, and exert global effects on many if not all systems of the body. 
    This notion tracks onto research showing that it takes two-four months for blood cells to replace themselves; the same length of time applies to bone cells and marrow.

  • It takes one year for the change to settle in the body; to be crystallized for life. 
    We may call this "Wisdom" "Mastery" "Deep Learning" or "Spiritual Embodiment".

Resistance is a biological phenomenon; when we take steps forward, the old ways of being are often lodged in our cells; and forward action causes these "biofilms" to work themselves out.  What is challenging is we are often physically attached/ie addicted to that comfortable pattern (even though it when it's ready to go it is most likely only causing suffering) so it takes work to observe the pattern, and choose a new pathway, with clarity and commitment - until it transforms into the new norm.  We discuss this further in this short video.  

It's important to remember this process is different for everyone; although anyone who has committed significant amounts of time and energy to a singular path has experience with this process. 


As we commit to one thing, other things come up along the way.

We are called upon to transform biological resistance to change, and to choose again and again what's important to us. 


Where this process falls into the realm of health, healing, and personal transformation, we can help . . . strategically, effectively and efficiently.  We try to have fun along the way; although few things are more fulfilling than getting to enjoy the results.  

It may not look like this ⬆️ , either.  There may not be a singular change.  There may be small incremental pieces that slowly work themselves into greater health happiness and enjoyment.  But what's absolutely true is that it does take consistent practice every day.  Choosing health, choosing life. 

I Choose Life.png

And understanding that as humans, we don't always understand the whole picture; and giving ourselves the same grace a higher all-forgiving spirit might give us too. 


As your providers, we do our best to make these choices apparent, and easier, to ensure your "software" is sufficient to continually maintain (and if possible) - upgrade your hardware.  We also do our best to hold your hand through the emotional pieces of the process, even though it's always you who has to walk through the door.  

Software Necessary to Thrive.jpeg

Okay . . .  I get it . . .  so how many sessions do you recommend?

        Again, this is so specific to the person;  It would be good to meet with us in person, go through an intake and a session, or two or three.  We'll usually have a good idea after the first session, and can take things from there.  

IF, however, you know you're ready for a change, and these words really resonate with you, or you are curious anyways -  we can generally recommend our flagship three-month program.  This is generally enough time to experience positive change, and for new habits to start to set.  

In sum, the foundations program offers a significant discount on our services,

and provides a chance to experience the power of our holistic therapies 

in a container designed to support You,  and your sustained Health.  


The three-month program includes:
- Three holistic (re)assessment & treatment sessions
- Nine one- hour relaxed alignment sessions

Initial and reassessment sessions are between one a half and two hours. 
They are scheduled evenly or as needed between the one hour continuing sessions.  

All session include ongoing lifestyle support for the whole person and their health objectives*. Usually it is a short check in or conversation.   All sessions are focused on promoting ease and structural alignment.  
This may occur through manual therapies and/or Tai Chi activities.  

Componenets of Relaxed Alignment Therapy.jpeg

Components of relaxed alignment therapy

Relaxing into Alignment

Exploration Sessions + Program Format

As it takes time to really experience a singular art form, we recommend our clients stick with either somatic therapies or Tai Chi essentials.  

However, many clients aren't certain what to pick and even if they do, they want to experience the other health methodologies we offer. For this reason, we allow our clients up to three "exploration sessions"during which where they can experience the essentials of the other modality. 

➡️  Tai Chi clients can experience tranquil alignment manual therapies; and clients of somatic work can experience the relaxing methods of Tai Chi. 
➡️  These sessions can be scheduled near the beginning of the program for those who aren't certain; or throughout for those who want intermittent changes in the approach. 
➡️  Those who want additional learning are welcome to schedule longer or separate appointments. They can also sign up for our Tai Chi Essentials or Wellness through Nutrition courses, which can be a community-centric way to learn the basics of these healing and health promotion arts  

Wellness through Nutrition

Wellness through Nutrition Summary Chart; watch our short ad here.

Essence of Tai Chi

Biomechanics of Tai Chi.  After studying with some of the best teachers across the globe, Tim has created a short course that emphasizes the mechanical and mind-set principles that make this art nourishing.   

Whatever you choose . . . 
All therapies are holistic, promoting structural alignment, and relaxation; enhancing the flow of energy through one's emotional, physical and environmental relationships - 

In a way that teaches you how to sustain and grow these harmonies. 

If you want to enroll in this program, or schedule an initial appointment (which we can discount from the cost of the total program); or simply have a holistic tai chi or manual therapy experience,
the make appointment button will take you to our check out page.  


There you can read more about our programs,

although we've also copied some of that information for your interest here.  


Foundations Program Description
Holistic health and Somatic Therapies Work together as One.  
Through the body we transform.  Through the Mind we Reinforce.

*After the first ten purchases, this program will increase from $1,000 to $1,200. 
Purchased as separate appointments, the program's value reaches $1,500.  

Of course, when we consider the long-term impact of poor health; 
and the long-term impact of embodied health wisdom on quality of life; 
for us and those loved ones we inspire

This is still, well, 'dirt cheap'

"The first wealth is health"
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

IncludesInitial Intake (two hours), two holistic health sessions (ninety minute sessions scheduled a month apart from initial intake), and nine regular relaxed alignment sessions (sixty minute sessions).  

In the initial intake we identify primary goals for our work together, and the most important lifestyle domains to overall health (and in support of those goals).  

Over the subsequent sessions we track progress towards the goals set, provide coaching and lifestyle education as needed; listen to your woes when needed, while continuing to create an insight-oriented experience of deepening somatic intelligence.

When Somatic and Education Therapies Combine,
The Results are Faster, and Longer Lasting

This somatic and relaxation education is provided through whole-body therapies:
either East-West manual therapies (including a mixture of osteopathic and Asian techniques), or Tai Chi Essentials (a martial art, now practiced for health that teaches structural alignment, relaxation, and healthful living principles).  

Both Tai Chi and Bodywork are therapies that leave one more embodied,

more relaxed, and more aware of one's surroundings and agency in life.  


They each offer space between thinking and action; and they each can lead to long-term improvements in posture, which in turn increases circulation to every cell;

reducing the risk of illness;

and vastly improving the experience of having a physical apparatus.  


The Tentative Choice - Tai Chi or Bodywork

Throughout the twelve sessions, we generally recommend clients choose either Tai Chi or Manual Therapies.


 This offers a deeper experience of each modality; and allows clients to take the maximum benefit from each.  We understand that some clients may be uncertain which path to choose.

This is why we  allow our clients up to three "exploration sessions" in which they can try either Tai Chi or Bodywork; although we can make some initial recommendations as to suitability.  


Options to Explore: Somatic Approaches

These exploration sessions can be scheduled in the beginning; or throughout the twelve weeks (which is good in case of an individual already knowing what they want but having some flexibility to switch things up and benefit from the essentials of the other approach).  

Somatic approaches may also incorporate tuning fork therapy (acutonics system), acupressure (Tai Chi may end with acupressure too), pulse and tongue analysis (Oregon), cupping and auricular therapy (application of seeds to condition-specific points in the ear).


Options to Explore: Tai Chi

Tai Chi may be practiced outdoors in tranquil environs, and combined with other movements from Five-Element Chi Gong or any number of Tim's repertoire of movements.  

After the foundations program, Tai Chi students may be eligible to continue learning through private lessons or classes; and, at least - will have grasped the essentials that ensure a healthful practice (essentials that many teachers unfortunately never really learned well).

All our approaches may incorporate Chinese Elemental Music that goes with your goal/condition (this element-condition correspondence is a long-term specialty of Tim's and rooted in an ancient approach to healing and health; the topic of his thesis).

All our approaches (Whether bodywork or Tai Chi) also incorporate some level of weekly check-in,
and targeted, strategic life-style modifications/recommendations/education.  

No matter what we will listen to your needs; and modify our approach to match what we hear from you; we won't be afraid to express our disagreements if we feel something is not serving you; although we will respect and empower you to do what you think is best as well . . D

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"
- Benjamin Franklin

Foundations Program - Why we recommend this approach for our clients

Holistic Health education, for it to stick, normally takes time.  We not only work against the resistance of the mind, also the weight of the past and the physical attachments we form to it.  

Some say it takes up to a year for any health change to really stick; and yes, it may well be worth your time to undergo a longer process than this program offers.  However, our hypothesis is that with a combination of somatic and lifestyle therapies; the results can happen faster, in a more sustained way.  

This has been the finding of holistic multi-pronged approaches to health which emphasize a mixture of diet, stress-management, physical activity, spiritual practice and community connections (ie one of many examples includes Dean Ornish, MD's widely acclaimed program for reversing heart disease).  

In our practice, we use the foundations program as time to help you develop the fundamental knowledge, habits (mental, physical, and in lifestyle) that support health across the lifespan.  

It is not possible to cover everything in our limited time; however, it is our hope that we can most definitely improve your quality of life (for good), and help you meet your health goals.  


I.  Identifying Root Causes (of Dis-Ease) and Priorities in Lifestyle Support

Through a meticulous and refined assessment which parces through the physical, mental, emotional, lifestyle, developmental (All stages of life), and environmental factors important to health (From a time-tested and research-based standpoint) -  

We determine the most important strengths and weaknesses in your overall health status; which allows us to define the most important areas to focus on; and in what order.  

Over our time together, we continually reinforce these areas of growth, moving towards greater systemic harmony and balance.  We do this both through lifestyle modification, and through the body itself (which from an Eastern and Integrative standpoint reflects the many disharmonies in mind-emotions and lifestyle)

Mind-Body Magic 

"as above so below, 
and, as below, so above" 

It's interesting that from an Integrative perspective, the body is like a tuning fork for other aspects life; such that simple shifts in the body, can lead to shifts in these other areas of life - which is how a somatic approach can be considered a holistic therapy unto itself.

While we have seen the power of acupuncture, acupressure, and bodywork alone; we believe the best approach incorporates both the somatic and the lifestyle, which is why we offer this program and an integrative approach to those who are open to it.  

In regards to lifestyle, we either empower motivation in areas you already know need to shift; and/or we help shine light into the places you may not see on your own.  


Supporting the Research-Supported Foundations of Healing and Health

In general, whatever we focus on - it's usually those areas that can lead to the largest impact over time,
and ensure - that whatever age you're at -  it remains enjoyable

to inhabit your body, mind and heart.  

We want these results to last, and even beyond the program, we are happy to offer additional learning opportunities, connect you to our extended community, learning resources, other more suitable practitioners, and/or additional seasonal tune-ups, or other personalized programs -

Ensuring the learning and empowerment remains fresh, and can continue for life,
or at least as long as its needed!  See you soon.


Program Policies

Structure: Weekly Sessions for Three months, with a ninety minute (usually it's a two hour session with the client having extra time to reflect and relax in the treatment room) holistic health session every month (this is where we have more time to check in, reassess, and provide education as needed; or take the work a bit deeper).  

- Can I space out my sessions farther out than three months?  
We do not generally recommend this option.  It's important to maintain a certain depth of attention for learning to occur, and to get underneath old stuck spaces, for the long term.  
However, we also understand that some individuals go on work trips, take time off; and/or that life happens.  For these reasons, we allow our clients up to fourteen weeks to finish their twelve sessions.  

In exceptional circumstances we do consider alternative options; as learning still can occur no matter the frequency; and sometimes it is better with more time between sessions.  We will let you know if we think the is you and your situation; otherwise don't plan on more than fourteen weeks, and ideally - twelve.

You'll have the rest of your life to practice what you learn; I'm simply here to ensure you learn it well;
and of course - always around afterwards to help you fine-tune the details.  Tim

Appointment (re)Scheduling

When you purchase this package, you will schedule your first appointment through the patient portal.  
Try and schedule at a time that you feel you'd be able to commit to for the length of the program (if your schedule changes too frequently for this; come in when you're able; plan on finding a time each week to come in and schedule as far ahead as you can).  

We'll put the rest of your appointments on the schedule after you put in the first one.  

We allow our patients to reschedule their appointments up to twenty-four hours in advance.  
Later cancellations results in forfeiture of that appointment (unfortunately "sad").  


All payment is due at the beginning of the program.  We may be able to do a month-to-month payment plan wherein you pay one-third the total each month (we will charge you at the beginning of each month); although you will need to contact us directly for this option so that we can arrange it for you.  

Once payment is confirmed we do not offer refunds.
As needed, sessions can be conducted online through our platform.  

In Sum

The foundations program is a great way to learn more about the deeper aspects of our lineage, through your own embodied experience.  It offers a focused container for your healing, health and personal growth, one that is rooted in research on what actually produces sustaining change.


Click the button below make your initial appointment (which we may discount from the program's price), or, to secure your spot today (prior to prices going up or being waitlisted).   


Book by Phone


Essentials for Clients

Our beautiful facility is located in White Salmon, Washington, USA

The Hatchery

Downtown White Salmon WA

Close to local hikes, the delicious White Salmon bakery, and many other amazing local fare.


When you arrive, you may park across the road along the street or on any side street.  

You may also park directly in front of the building.  If you need assistance getting out of your vehicle,  please call us when you arrive, and we'll come right out

Inside our Treatment Rooms

Suites Six and Eight

Relax into cushy chairs while letting the sounds of our water feature melt away your worries. We'll conduct our initial intake there prior to moving into our spacious treatment room.

Each room is equipped with a HEPA filter, and masks are available for your use.  

We will wear ours and continue to
follow COVID cleaning protocols.  


Clients may or may not wear a mask. 

Treatment Room 2.HEIC
Screen Shot 2023-04-23 at 7.11.19 PM.png



We share our facility with several other local business.  There is one well-decorated 
gender-neutral restroom ready for your use.  

Local Hiking

Soul Essence can be Discovered
with Nature's Abundance

Integrate your appointment with a long strolls through some of the world's most exquisite beauty.  

Gorgeous vistas, mountain streams, and wildlife await, not to mention the internal wealth that comes aglow when in the raw.

We'll be happy to recommend something for you
after your visit; ask away!

Photo by Tim,  

Top of Tom McCall trail, Oregon. 


Longevity Program - What method should I choose to focus on?

Differences between bodywork and Tai Chi

➡️ What is unique to bodywork is the element of therapeutic touch. 
There's an opportunity to relax into spaces that you may not have been able to reach on your own;
to experience novel ways of movement you can bring home with you.  
➡️  These therapies, which include asian bodywork (Shiatsu), and techniques such as tension release in the muscles, and body structure - can offer a tranquil release from life; a time of nourishment during which - while your awareness is engaged, you don't have to work so hard.  
There are often personal insights gained through this meditative process; and a feeling of freedom in areas you didn't even recognize as stuck.  Through relaxation and increased communication between tissues and organ systems, it's possible that many things, including aches and pains, start to resolve on their own; instead replaced by an increasing feeling of ease, alignment, and enjoyment.  
➡️ If you start with a dexa scan, you may notice increases in bone density, or longevity indicators such as telomere length (the ends of DNA, which can get measured).  It's possible that it'll feel again like there's freedom and control in all of your choices.

(These latter two arrow-points are apply to Tai Chi practice as well!)

➡️  Learning about the human through Eastern and Western Scientific world-views

You also have access to our extensive knowledge of tissue, nerve and Chinese Channel pathways (their associated points and cosmological meanings); which includes the body regions and structures associated with each of the five elements ("Wǔ Shíng"/Xíng 五行). Our holistic approach ensures nourishment is focused on the correct areas.   

This framework encompasses physiology and anatomy, psychology, neuro-endocrinology (study of hormones, their rhythms, and dynamic interactions w/ and influences on the overall system), spiritual development (ie what is natural at different phases in life; and how to navigate this with wisdom), sound (the sounds and tones that produce health; and that help create harmony in the organ systems), and nature (how to eat, think, and move in harmony with the seasons). 

Wu Shing Tones

Perhaps most importantly is it covers the lifestyle activities, knowledge, and habits (mental, physical and in action) that nourish the whole person, in an element-specific way.  

E.g. the earth element is about stability, and covers the ages from thirty-three to fifty eight, when it is typical for the fires of self-discovery to settle into a career path and home. 


It is nourished with consistency, and harmed when change is too rapid.  It deals with the stomach and spleen (Consistent meal timing is a large part of this domain, along with community and physical activity). 


It's tissues include the muscles; and it's neuro-chemical is serotonin; associated with positive mood and stable thinking or creative focus.  

Wu Shing
Life Phases according to the Wu Shing.png

Issues with the earth element can include digestion, getting stuck on things (Too much earth not enough wind/wood), attachment issues; or being overly sweet), and elimination concerns. Although metabolic issues can be reflections of a deeper misalignment, they are often related to the earth element. Diabetes is considered an Earth-Water imbalance (written about in texts over two-thousand years old (in China and in the West). Read more about it here.  

Earth Element Themes_edited.jpg
Fire Element Themes
Microcosmic Orbit Meditation

A popular daoist meditation and a regular part of any Chi Gong (qigong) curriculum is the micro-cosmic orbit meditation (小周天) which involves re-establishing the balance between water and fire.  It often involves movements and mental imagery that help draw "cooling energy up the spine" and "warming fire energy" down the front.  It's thought most pathology comes from a disharmony between fire and water; with most people having heat above and cold below; whereas the proper practices lead to fire in the belly, and a cool head.  Here, we discuss the role of trauma in disrupting the water and fire energies (two min discussion).  

Often times an individual is working on a single elemental theme; commonly throughout the course of their lives; although potentially isolated to a particular time, and/or condition of mind-emotion, spirit and/or physical.  We identify and work with these themes as part of holistic care. 

The fire element encompasses the Chest, Heart and Circulatory System. On a deeper level it relates to executive function - the choices and commitments we make, normally arising from the meditative capacity to seek and find clarity, to know and to build upon it (which takes us into the earth). 


When we are stuck in a certain mental-emotional way, it can create heat (trapped in the chest) , manifesting as anxiety, skin issues;  and other "wandering heat pathologies". 


It can often be our spiritual or personal relationships, or lack thereof, that causes the heart to stagnate;   this can stop the chest from opening, preventing the circulation from descending to warm the abdomen and fuel metabolism. 


This can cause feelings of cold and tiredness; confusion and brain fog, digestive distress, cramping, and constipation.  In the long term it can cause issues with urination, and reproduction, hyper tension, heart and kidney disease, to name a few of many fire-related pathologies.

Taiji Tea.jpeg

Tim performing Tai Chi in tandem with his Chinese Teacher's tea presentation.  


Circle walking from martial and longevity art "eight trigram palm".  A local teacher & film star, this man starred in a film with Jet Li.  Changsha, Hunan province, China.  

Tim teaching rooftop Tai Chi to a group of locals and foreign students, Guilin, Guanxi province, China.  Read more about Tai Chi's numerous health benefits here.  

Tai Chi Chuan (pron.  Tài-geé-chu-án, 太極拳) 
"Supreme Ultimate Fist"
Power through Relaxation

What is unique to Tai Chi (which actually does contain the five element framework, and can include discussions of it) is that it's a unique art form, originally a martial art now practiced largely for health. 
It teaches relaxation, structural alignment, and healthful living principles.  

Although we will practice a short form together and some conditioning + health-improvement activities, what you learn will be the essential foundations for additional learning should you want to pursue that later on. 
It will also help you discern what teachers to learn from (ie did they really master the essent
or not?).  

All roads lead to Center


Did you know?  Chinese Medicine, or Zhōng Yī 中医 is often translated as "Medicine of the Center",
or better yet "The Medicine of Hitting something (ie an illness/disease/health solution) precisely on the mark, bull's eye!"
The same character for center (zhōng 中) is found in China (中国 zhōng guó), translated as central kingdom or country.

In the end, no matter what choice you make,  
we teach principles that you can apply while w
alking, sitting, standing,
and/or doing any other exercise. 

These principles, when embodied, will likely improve the integrity of that activity,
and may make it safer, more (satisfyingly) challenging, relaxing, and/or more healthful.

In the end, relaxed alignment is about Energy Efficiency, Optimizing Our Posture, and
Holding ourselves in Integrity; which, when coming from a deeply relaxed place in a foundation of health - 
  - while perhaps not always easy - comes with greater ease, connected to an enduring Wisdom.  


Wisdom of the Turtle

To learn more about our relaxed alignment programs,

including our introductory pricing and policies,

click the make appointment button. 


And no, it won't magically float you in our door. 
It will take you to our product descriptions page,

where you can read the sweet details and decide where to go from there.   

We are here for any questions, and hope to hear from you soon.
In Health,
Tim @ WS Wellness

Meet Tim

Meet Tim and His Teachers


The Full Story

Tim is a native Oregonian, at one time conditioned not to like the rain, he now embraces Nature in all her phases.  He is also a licensed massage therapist, 

A sixth year doctoral student of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (degree on pause, giving him time to complete his doctoral research), and a long term student of Tai Chi.  


He has over ten thousand hours designing and teaching health curriculum. 
He has spent well over that studying the most important aspects of
heart-mind-physical-spiritual health from a scientific research-
and wisdom tradition-based perspective.

This clear understanding of what's important,
and how to teach it in a comprehensive, personalized manner

is what allows his his services to remain simple and effective, 

with sustainable results.


Tim's goal is for all his clients to embody the knowledge

that keeps them enjoying life as long as possible. 


He hopes his sessions are fun.
He looks forward to meeting you.

Training and Qualifications

*Licensed Massage Therapist (Oregon + Washington)

*Sixth Year Doctoral Student - Classical Chinese Medicine at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon, United States of America

  • 4,000+ Education Hours (400+ clinical hours)

  • 1000+ hours in massage, bodywork, acupuncture techniques and fundamentals

  • 300+ Hours in Biomedical Sciences (thousands more in undergraduate research and in mentorship with Integrative Physician (ND, LAc) Dr. Paul Kalnins).

  • One year mentorship with David Berkshire, president of the Worsely Institute (Five-Element Acupuncture - a beautiful and holistic system of medicine :D)

  • One year mentorship with Dr. Glowacki (long-time student of 88th generation Daoist priest Jeffrey Yuen, holistic approaches to Chinese Medicine + Acupuncture)

  • Years of education with founding professor Dr. Heiner Fruehauf, who emphasizes the holistic nature of Classical Chinese Medicine as comprehensive worldview. Serving as current thesis advisor.  

*Certified Tai Chi and Five Element Medical Chi Gong Instructor

  • Ten years training total.  

  • Phoenix, Arizona, USA: Master Teachers Michael Leone, Jason Campbell, and Alan Venable (Tai Chi Long and Short forms, sword, broadsword, two-person fighting set, fire wheels, Eight trigram palm, Five Element Medical Chi Gong, Daoist Yoga).

  • Phoenix, Arizona, USA: Advanced Tai Chi Instruction with David Block, forty+ year teacher and lineage holder of Tung style tai chi (variant of the yang style from family lineage in Chen village).  

  • Changsha, Hunan Province, China: Chen Style TaiJi w/ Martin Ding (direct protege of the Chen-style representative for the entire province).

*Holistic Education Specialist

  • Over ten-thousand teaching and curriculum design hours, in public, private and non-profit wellness education settings.

  • Some master’s level training (twenty four credits, Arizona State University)

*Bachelor’s of Science, Psychology, Linfield University (2009-2013), minor in German language. 

  • Special Focus: Flow, positive psychology, and holistic analyses of caffeine use

  • Caffeine Awareness Education and Effects on Well-being

  • Understanding Caffeine: Macronutrient or harmful illusion?

Although Tim's doctoral degree is most nearly complete, he is unable to perform Acupuncture until he completes his thesis research and board exams (ETA 1.5 years). His research is exploration the science of sound (modern and ancient) with a focus on the Chinese application of sound in socio-political and therapeutic settings; his aim is to use what can be learned from the past - in synthesis with modern applications - to design a complete health education system that uses sound in precise ways to enhance learning (at all levels).  


His debut album "Elemental Healing Sounds" designed to enhanced the practices of meditation and tai chi (using the over three-thousand year old tone sequences for the five elements) now has close to one million views on YouTube; and has been used for reducing anxiety, helping in post-surgery recovery, traumatic brain injury, or as general supplement to guided relaxation by therapists and health practictioners.  

Me n' Tai Chi_edited.jpg
Heiner Fruehauf, PhD

Heiner Fruehauf, PhD

Paul Kalnins.jpeg

Paul Kalnins, ND, Lac

David Berkshire.jpeg

David Berkshire, LAc

Ken Glowacki.jpeg

Dr. Glowacki, DACM, LAc


Michael Leone

David Block.jpeg

David Block

Article on Caffeine.png

Services, Packages, and Programs

How We Can Help

At Wushing Wellness we care about the whole You. 


Whether we are working in the context of holistic lifestyle coaching,
relaxed alignment therapies, or in a class together - 
we consider all factors relevant to your sustained he
aling, health and enjoyment




Healing, Health, and Enjoyment

Generally, healing is process of recognizing imbalance and applying the keys to health. 

It is a return to center. 

Health is the consistent application of these keys (⬇️ ) to maintain Center.

Enjoyment is the application of health towards a certain service or goal. 
It is a place of consistent engagement with life, while maintaining one's Center. 

It is possible to be in "Enjoyment" or 'Optimal Flow" in one area of life, while healing in another.

Primary Health Domains, according to biomedical research, and organized through the Five Elements (Wu Shing).  

As importantly, we care about your overall goals for the work, and how that fits the story you want life to tell. 

Some are looking for more ease, peace of mind, direction, clarity, stability and/or connection.  Others - less pain, help with a condition; and/or learning an approach to health that radically assists their support of others. 


Whatever your goals 

we're here to help 

Therapeutic Alliance

No matter the service - 

- (Even in our online health-coaching consults) -

We want you to have an experience of warmth, tranquility, and containment.


We want you to walk away feeling refreshed and relaxed,  

with more embodied wisdom   with which to enjoy life   as long as possible.  

Our Services 

Health Coaching Guiding Sustainable Change
Relaxing into Alignment
Acutonic Therapy
Tai Chi Essentials
Manual Therapies
Health Coaching Guiding Sustainable Change
Health Coaching
Health Domains

Somewhat uniquely, we organize our lifestyle domains through the lens of the Chinese Wu Shing or Five Element / Five Phase Model.  This enables an integration between Lifestyle Factors and the performance of the body's functions; one grounded in research, efficient in producing holistic outcomes, and that has stood the test of millenia.  

Step-by-solid-step Embodying the Essentials to Healing, Health and Enjoyment of life.  Although over the arc of the coaching relationship we focus on specific goals (could be more consistent routines, achieving personal goals, or general healthier lifestyle), which most often include a neuro-biological approach to sustained habit change.  This often means coming back to the same goal again and again until it's solid. 


All our therapies involve at least some health mentorship or coaching (even asking about the areas that need the most work is a form of motivational partnership-oriented change).  However, a health-coaching only arrangement is for someone who wants to work on their lifestyle and does not want or need somatic (touch-based; or mindful-movement-based) therapy (we do think these mind-body therapies can accelerate the process of changing our programming).  


Although we do offer two-hour health conversations; as a one-off sort of pointer; it is typical to work in one, three, six, and twelve month increments.  This is due to the nature of sustainable habit change - it takes time for change to set; and there are layers of old habit that we must transform through to actually make a lasting change.  So in a three month time window it's possible to achieve a sense of the foundations; the work that needs to be done; and how to actually do it.  However, with, or without or support; it can often take up to a year to "set" the change for life (Here, we speak about the neuro-biological process of change we often refer to). 

Not everyone wants or needs that level of change . . .  some want some conceptual foundations they can apply to nourish them for life; and no matter the length of time we work; we can guarantee that's what you'll get - simple, life-nourishing wisdom. 

Our typical format for health-coaching only includes a sixty minute intake, some pre-paperwork (here we get to know each other), bi-weekly thirty minute phone calls; and twice-weekly check-ins (this is usually a text just reminding you of our work together, with availability for short five-min phone calls if needed). 


We recommend at least three months to feel the change . . .although one month can be a way to know us; and to learn more about the approach; and at least get some useful pointers.  Learn more about our packages and pricing here.

Relaxing into Alignment

In a typcal bodywork or "relaxed alignment" session, we start with assessing for tension in the major areas: shoulders, hips, wrists, and ankles; then getting more specific to your unique goals, needs, constitution; and inner landscape.  It is common for us to provide breathing or meditation instructions; and to share postural ideas or activities that can be applied at home.  

Example of Holistic Approach to Physical Activity

Our approach to bodywork incorporates over ten years of postural awareness training (in Tai Chi and Medical Chi Gong, and osteopathic manual therapies); and six years of Eastern Medical School (acupuncture channels and organ systems, asian massage, manual therapies and internal medicine). 

We focus on harmonizing imbalances in the physical and internal structures of the body, which may include organ system imbalances, effects of prior trauma (physical and/or mental-emotional), and of general overwork or wear and tear on the body.

At heart we are educators, who help you remember a feeling of tranquility and ease in all movements, gradually working towards greater range of motion, inner strength and freedom. 

What does our educational process look like?

We guide you in a gentle step-by-step process towards lasting change, teaching you (or helping you remember) fundamental concepts for safe physical activity that can continue to nourish and develop throughout the rest of life.  


Our approach is ensconced in our training with Zen Wellness Five-Element Medical Chi Gong - a foundation whose work with the retired community in Sun City, AZ not only helped seniors get back onto their feet (some from wheel-chairs and walkers), but also helped reduce and actually
reverse markers of age such as hyperlipidemia, hypertension, bone density, arthritic pain, and telomere length (specialized cells on the ends of DNA that are one of the greatest predictors of longevity).  

Five Element Medical Chi Gong and Tai Chi offer progressive, step-by-step approaches to safe physical activity fit for all ages, and that have an added benefit of structural alignment, relaxation, and meditation.  We offer classes for our clients to remain motivated to practice through a fun and enjoyable community.  

Originally a martial art, Tai Chi is commonly practiced today for health.  It teaches postural alignment, relaxation and healthful living principles. 

As stand-alone therapy, it has numerous research-supported health benefits, now comes "physician recommended
" by Harvard Medical School.  

Thousands of research studies have been conducted on Tai Chi's benefits, over five hundred of which were considered high quality in this 2016 

Taiji Tea.jpeg

Tim performing Tai Chi in tandem with his Chinese Teacher's tea presentation.  

Circle walking from martial and longevity art "eight trigram palm".  A local teacher & film star, this man starred in a film with Jet Li.  Changsha, Hunan province, China.  

Tim teaching rooftop Tai Chi to a group of locals and foreign students, Guilin, Guanxi province, China.  Read more about Tai Chi's numerous health benefits here.  

During his time at the National University of Natural Medicine (Classical Chinese Medicince), Tim taught numerous Tai Chi and Chi Gong classes to staff and to the public.  While in Phoenix, he had several mentees; as well as a few groups of high school students he led in Tai Chi (there are many benefits for this age group too, from increase body image, self-confidence, reductions in test anxiety).  During that time, he also co-led a weekly class for medical students at Mid-western University. 

As a high school teacher, he strove to spend at least a few "mindful minutes" at the beginning of each class to develop his students capacities for self-awareness, attention regulation - and of course - learning.  As wellness coach, also led several families through these exercises and many clients as well!. 

Two Person Cultivation
Therapeutic Alliance.png

Often called the patient-practitioner or client-therapist team, this is not an individual service persay, rather it is one of the recognized elements of successful change.  When two people form an accountability team, informed by expertise, free-choice and continual adaptation to goals and needs - it can be powerfully supportive.


Still, for most people, the ability to receive from others; or through relationship itself; is imperfect; especially the case in a society that hardwired towards independence.  It can take courage to open through these socially constructed and self-reinforced bounds . . . 

Some may fear losing autonomy . . .

Yes, trusting in a new voice is an effortful endeavor; we must make room for the help to come through; consistently and with attentiveness.  Otherwise we cannot receive the benefit. 
However, when we take the time to do the work with effort and attention - that our inner voice is found and strengthened;
which is the key to leveraging the relationship to exponentially improve outcomes


Expect Resistance and Intend to Transform Through It

It's common to struggle with discomfort in the process of changing one's Self; which can create emotional resistance to the care

This is normal, and part of a larger process of becoming a consistently stronger, happier, and healthier individual.  

Click here to learn more about the therapeutic encounter, how to gain the most out of it, and how to determine whether it's a good match for your needs (A small window will open that you can close at any time).  


Acupressure is the massage of carefully-selected points that support the entire system towards healing, health, and harmony.  It is rooted in the Ancient system of wisdom used by medical physicians in China for the last several thousand years. 


It's theoretical foundations - already extremely well-developed appear in pre-han dynasty texts dating back into the first or second century BCE, and it has since then enjoyed wide application, continuous development and scholarship.  

This system relies on careful determination of the individual's constitution, systemic resources, weaknesses, and imbalances (usually determined through analysis of the radial pulse, tongue, abdomen, skin, tone of voice, health questionairre (and other indicators).  It then applies knowledge of the channels, points, and organ systems to address what the individual needs to function optimally. 


As it was used as primary medicine for thousands of years, the system in which acupressure is rooted (used in both acupuncture, herbal medicine, and chi gong activities)- it can be used to support an individual through any thing - whether it is a disease or medical condition - or a personal evolution (to the extent these are separate)!  Read more about the system here.

Acutonics - Tuning Fork Therapy

Acutonics is a system of medicine rooted in the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine as articulated above.  It relies on the framework of the channels and points, uses tuning forks vs. massage to adjust and balance the dynamic energies of the entire system.  The tuning forks create a gentle vibration that feels like a massage for the whole system. 

It can be especially supportive of bone health due to these vibrational forces; especially in an individual who is not quite able to do the weight-bearing
exercise that would accomplish the same thing. 


Through a mathematical algorithm, the tuning forks have been tuned to the theoretical sound each planet's orbit would make as it goes around the sun.  Click here to learn more.

Sound-Empowered Education

An unpublished example of my clinical work.  Please do not listen on repeat unless your symptoms or goals match this instructions; and please inform me of your experiences.  This has every bit of intentionality as an acupressure or acupuncture treatment, with the same or greater rigor applied.  

Tim, or Motoyuki (as his colleagues call him, which means "essence of Happiness" in his mother's Asian heritage) -  has been designing music according to Ancient Musical Principles now for over ten years, with his first album - "Elemental Healing Sounds," originally designed as aid to meditation, tai chi, yoga, and relaxation -

fast approaching nine hundred thousand views of YouTube,with many great testimonials.   

His doctoral research has looked at the Ancient correspondences between sound and different parts of the body (Which in Ancient Chinese Philosophy are microcosmic reflections of processes that run through the emotional, the mental, the temperamental (personalities), and beyond (ie realm of values, virtues, lifestyle activities, professional activities, mythology and spiritual principles). 

(e.g. "Fire" or "Blossoming" is connected to the Chest and Heart, the Life Domain of Relationship, the Virtue of Social Skill (people-wisdom), and the season of Summer, to name just a few correspondences).  


Typically, music would be selected based on your unique needs and goals and would either be given as at home treatment; if appropriate to the treatment structure, we'd typically play this during the optional integration period at the end of longer appointments.  

Click here to learn more . . . (a hover box will open that you can close at any time).  

Extended Descriptions,
Appointment Types,
Packages and Programs

*I am offering major discounts on my services for the first hundred bookings as I am new to the area.  After things are booked up, prices will rise to accomodate the hundreds of thousands of dollars and tens of thousands of hours invested into my personal, professional, and medical training.  

Relaxed Alignment Packages and Descriptions

Tranquility, Massage, and Structural Alignment Practices (such as Tai Chi); promoting circulation, pain reduction, and long-term health.  At home work may include remembering a particular opening or practicing a principle that continues to open up systemic circulation & Flow


Techniques inspired by training in osteopathic and Asian therapies (including myofascial release, cranial sacral, and shiatsu).  Sessions may include East-West manual therapies, Tai Chi Exercise, tuning fork therapy, acupressure, as-needed cupping, relaxation and alignment training. 

We may supplement each session with music based on your goals/needs/constitution,
determined through our training in the Chinese Elements and Sound-Organ
(See "sound-empowered education" to learn more).


Throughout our time together we will usually focus on a primary goal or complaint; this could be reducing lower lumbar pain, improving strength; it could also be something like having greater energy and concentration, improving sleep or any other condition*.  

*We are able to treat holistically through a mixture of targeted lifestyle and health assessment;
as well as application of Eastern and Western wisdom which understands the connection between certain points and channels, the resolution of dis-ease and promotion of health.  


We do offer one-time treatments or consultations, and we try and find work-arounds for your financial and time budget. 

However, we do find that many individuals (most in fact) need a consistent approach (normally at least two-three months, and up to a year or more in some cases (usually by then we have dropped the frequency of our visits to as-needed, seasonal tune-ups, or new goals)).  

At the first or second visit, we'll clarify goals, a suggested number of treatments,
the results we expect to see by the time of re-evaluation.  Then we'll proceed as planned, identifying and affirming the areas of lifestyle (usually a blind spot or a known area resistant to change) that support the health of the whole system (and usually the primary goal as well)..

It's important to recognize that change can take time, and consistent effort applied in the right directions.  


If we had all the right answers, well, we wouldn't have issues right?  

Well, we don't claim to have all the answers either; although in terms of health,

our methodology can help the changes occur with efficacy, sustainability and hopefully

- the greatest ease.  

Consider taking advantage of our low rates now.  Even at the eventual rates (which is how I value my time), with weekly or biweekly appointments for a year (between 5 and 10k), the knowledge you'd acquire in those sessions could enhance the the quality of life... well, for life.  

It would be far less than the cost of a painful surgery or life-long prescribed medications for a condition that you could have prevented in the first place.

Don't follow the crowd and spend the last twenty years of life dying . . .

Let's ensure you truly enjoy the golden years,


and that they last as long as possible.







Quality of Life and the Purpose of Longevity Practices (remakes of graphs presenting on separate independently coordinated occasions by teachers Heiner Fruehauf (2019) and Michael Leone (2016).


Relaxed Alignment Intake (includes holistic Health Session) -

Two hrs - $120 ($90 if within the first one hundred appointments)

Relaxed Alignment Continuing (one hr appt; short intake + relaxed alignment therapy) -

One hr - $100 ($60 if within the first one hundred appts).  

Three Month Foundations Program (best deal) (Three Holistic Health and Reassessment Sessions (inc. intake), nine relaxed alignment sessions):

$1000 for first ten clients (goes up to $1,200 afterwards; and up to $1,600 after first 50 foundations bookings).    


Holistic Health (Ninety Minute Appointments + Optional Self-Integration Time)
"All-Inclusive Change with multi-pronged support"

*For our own sanity, we will eventually changeover to these appointments only (ninety minutes of working together, a mix of coaching and holistic health modality; and a thirty minute integration period for you to process our work, relax, meditate, stretch and take notes in the comfort of our treatment rooms, usually combined with custom-tuned music), at $200 per appointment.  

We will give at least six months notice prior to this transition; and we will offer other health-promotion opportunities to the public for those who cannot afford these higher end services.  This will also allow us to take on one or two scholarship participants who may not normally have the opportunity to go through our process.  

All our services are holistic - engaging, mind body, emotions, and the personal story, in an educational, unifying and supportive way.  However, in this appointment, there is more freedom and time to get into a deeper state of flow.


Within the first 100 bookings, the appointments are half off (only $100).  

Within the first Five hundred bookings, these appointments are $120.

Eventually, all appointments will be ninety minute appointments, with clients having extra self-time in the treatment room.  

Holistic Health (our all-inclusive 90-minute appointment) - $200
(usually includes a thirty+ minute integration period during which time you can relax to custom-selected music in the treatment room, nap, or write in a notebook, stretch).

We open up with our intake assessment, during which we track progress towards a variety of health goals (although, usually there is one primary domain we work on).
We may provide as needed health education, learning activities,
or resource connections, emotional support, or coaching towards clarity.

Then, we use the rest of the time for any of the following modalities

- Relaxed Alignment (can combine with cupping, acupressure, tuning fork therapy)

- Tai Chi or Chi Gong Lesson (we can also do this as a separate service on the hour or half-hour)

Tai Chi Lessons usually replace on-the-table work for the day.  

Holistic Health - 12 Sessions ($2400 - 300) = $2100*
*Includes initial two hr Intake
First eight clients get this package for $1800

Holistic Health - 4 Sessions ($800 - 98) = $702*

*Includes initial two hr Intake

First four clients get this package for $600


Custom packages available, contact me for a quote.

Holistic Health Appointments can be scheduled weekdays starting at 9, 10, or 11am.  

All continuing clients may received discounted prices on education opportunities such as my twelve week Tai Chi essentials or Wellness through nutrition courses.

Health Coaching Only (online or in-person options)

"Gradual-targeted sustainable change"
- First Ten Clients get the discount


This service is for:

A) folks who have been wanting to change for a while now.  They are already experts on what they need to do.   And simply haven't had the resources (whether emotional, knowledge, mindset, or something else) to do it on their own. 


C) Anyone who wants to get healthier, feel more energy, correct a condition through lifestyle, and ensure they can enjoy every day as long as possible (while effectively preventing most health obstacles).  

We teach you the time-tested foundations of healing, health, and enjoyment -  
skills, habits, and information that last for life. 

In our basic service we use an integrative assessment to determine
the most important area of health to prioritize
Usually one or two important habits that we've identified as important to overall health.
- Includes 60 Minute Goal-Setting Intake  

- Biweekly 30 minute Phone/Video Sessions

- Twice Weekly Check-Ins via Text (w/ availability for short 5 minute talks)

(usually a short text simply reminding you that our work exists, helping you stay on track; w/ availability for short < 5 minute calls at that time)

Coaching calls can be scheduled Mondays and Wednesdays 1-3pm.  We usually pick a time and stick with it.  I usually check in Tuesdays + Thursdays (and sometimes Saturdays around lunch time 12:30-1p).  

I can accept up to 12 coaching clients at any one time.

1 Month Trial - $400 (first client - $200)

3 Month Package - $1,200 - 45 = $1155 (first three clients - $999)
6 Month Package - $2400 - 200 = $2200 (first client - $2,000)

1 Year Package (can only accept one client at a time for this intensive adventure) - $4800 -800 = $4,000

Inner Home Adventures - Embodiment Program

Currently accepting up to two clients for this program

Easily our most intense program, we can only accommodate two clients at once, given the intensity of committing to a year of work together.  Eventually we will open this program up once our own sea legs are stronger.  

This program includes up to three ninety minute appointments per month.  Clients in this program also have unlimited access to the courses we offer (lectures on topics in integrative health, wellness through nutrition and biomechanics of Tai Chi course).  

We recommend clients in this program plan for approximately fifteen processing hours/week; this is normally active self work that incorporates at least a few hours of active integration of the session (hiking or walking is a great way to do this).  

Participating in this program costs $4800.  This is the cost of twenty four holistic health sessions, although clients may come up to thirty six sessions throughout the year (a value of $7200). 
Our twelve week courses on nutrition and Tai Chi run at three-hundred dollars each.  We may have other offerings through out the year as well.  

This program offers a chance to learn through resonance. It takes a lot of self work, and you are encouraged throughout to cultivate your powerful inner guidance ie Intuition.   


Each candidate for this this program is required to submit a letter of intention prior to consideration for acceptance.  

The letter must contain:

A statement of why you feel this program is the right fit for you and what intentions you'd like to manifest through the process.  It could be a particular health or embodiment goal, or that you simply want to learn more through an experiential process that seeks to nourish your sacredness, and help you towards greater health leadership; towards mastery of the essential knowledge, habits and skills needed for lifelong healing, health, and enjoyment. . . 

Payment Policies for Inner Home Adventures - Embodiment Program

At this time, we only accept payment for this program as one lump sum; although we will eventually develop a payment plan option.  We do not offer refunds on this program, so please ensure it is the right fit for you; which includes having ample time to devote to processing our work together.  Please read our article, the "therapeutic process" (media library) which explores our model of sustainable change; and may help give you a sense of whether this option is right for your needs and goals; or whether a shorter program is more suited, for now.
We can potentially discount the cost of shorter programs from this one;
although you will need to speak with us directly; and we'll go from there.

Quality of Life w_ or w_o Longevity Practices.png

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