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Relaxing into Alignment

What may I expect working together?

Foundations For
Lasting peak Wellness


⬆️ Longevity,

⬆️ Alignment between Idealized and Actualized
⬆️ Flow (in body and in life)
Less pain m
ore gain

We honor your time, 
making most of reSource,  
communicating what's Essential

Change is a process . . .

Change requires Consistent effort over time.  
In today's distraction-filled world,
making sustained change maybe challenging.

This is where a consistent approach matters and can make a difference in getting the habits right; for life! 




for Life!   


A Holistic Approach

Our first session - which you may book under Holistic and Integrative Health (New Client Special) after tapping "book now" - 

Includes Holistic Systems Review - 
Clarifying your goals for working together
(+/or sufferings you want reduced)-

Helping identify knowledge and habits supporting Flourishing Health,
and Enabling your Goal Achievement. 

Holistic Life Map
Foundations Program

Affirming the Foundations

Our follow-up sessions include short check-ins,
where we revisit health domains needing most support; tracking progress towards our goals.   


We'll provide lifestyle education as appropriate,
normally in a thoughtful and supportive way.
The rest of the session (most of it) includes either:

East-West Bodywork or Tai Chi Essentials. 
These practices promote tranquility,
and structural alignment -

Reducing unnecessary tension
Promoting Blood Flow to
Places Needing it Most


How many sessions?


That depends on you.

What are you hoping to let go of? 
What would you like more of?

Do you want an experience of total body relaxation and healing, 
while you bathe in transformative Education custom-crafted to Your Health?  

Some pointers to get you on the Way? 


Do you want help embodying some health-nourishing habits
supporting Y
ou Now,
and into the rest of life?  

While a few pointers can really help, like a lot - 
for many clients, it's not that they don't have an idea of the right direction
(well, some really don't, and that's normal) -

It's that a consistent approach hasn't been applied long enough
get the results they need.  This is where a practitioner can come into help;
holding a container for wisdom
 guiding them to health.  



While this may sound "woo" to some; it's mostly scientific.  We are practical, common-sense thinkers,
and when it comes to health, we focus on the research-supported foundations:
the Essential Information, Habits (physical and Mental), and Skill-Sets that Support Healthy Change. 

As it takes some time to learn the Foundations, We work hard to ensure the process is as Effective, as Efficient, and Sustainable as possible.  We want you to Remember the Essentials AND to Master them - which ultimately ends up with sharing them - whether professionally, or with close family and friends.

And, if this sounds like a role you don't want; well, apart from work on yourself - 

it doesn't require any effort- just be You! As you polish your true Self, 

those around you feel Calmer and more like their Self,  too.

"Their curiosity turns to receptivity,
and after their third inquiry,
It's when you speak s that wisdom's complete."


This is simply because Body, Mind, and Emotions are Clearer, Cleaner, Stronger. 
All in Alignment.  A state of Radiant Clarity with which others resonate - Simply through their own biologically-encoded sense of right and wrong.  


It's when others begin to ask questions ("why are you so calm, what makes you so . . .") - that your health wisdom (in particular area) nears completion.  When you're asked for a third time to share,
it's at that time, when you speak, that the wisdom is yours- complete!

Embodying Change Process


We use following model (appearing repeatedly across traditions, and supported with conventional scientific findings) as a rough metric for the process of change:

  • It takes 1 day to change your mind

  • It takes 30 days (of sticking to this change) to change the underlying mental-emotional patterns (superficial beliefs; tendencies; non-supportive mental-emotional constellations). 
    se changes can literally show up as neural pathways in the brain; with accumulations leading to different densities of gray and white matter (see: meditation practice and gray matter density).

  • It takes 90 days to change the biological rhythms (hormonal patterns) to support the change. Most hormones are carried in the blood, and exert global effects on many if not all systems of the body. 
    This notion tracks onto research showing that it takes 2-4 months for blood cells to replace themselves (the same length of time applies to bone cells and marrow!).  

  • It takes 1 year for the change to settle in the body; to be crystallized a long time. 
    We may call this "Wisdom" "Mastery"or "Spiritual Embodiment".

Caption: The same process of change is described from multiple world-views: Conventional Medical Science, Chinese Medicine, and Anthroposophical Medicine (I/Ego/warmth body, astral-emotional body, etheric/fluidic body, physical.
*Resistance* is a biological thang. 
When we take steps forward, the old ways of being, lodged deep within, emerge for our cells. 
What is challenging is the physical attachment/ie addiction to that comfortable pattern.
We may know some action, thought, or behavior is only causing suffering at this point; yet we are still attached to it.  
It takes work to observe the pattern, and effortfully choose     a new path.
Repeatedly with clarity and commitment - until it becomes natural.  We discuss this more here.  

This change process is different for everyone.  Anyone who has committed significant amounts of energy to mastering a skill, or making a sustained change, already has some understanding of this process. 

As we commit to one thing, other things come up along the Way.

We are called upon to transform biological resistance to change, and to choose again and again what's important. 


Where this process falls into Healing, Health and Transformation,  We can Help . . .
Strategically, Effectively and Efficiently. 

We try to have fun along the Way (Though few things are better than enjoying the Results of this work).

It may not look like this ⬆️ , either.  There may not be one singular change.  There may be small incremental pieces slowly working themselves into greater health health and happiness.  But what's absolutely true is it does take consistent practice every day, every week, every month.  Choosing Health, choosing Life! 

I Choose Life.png

And understanding that as humans, we don't always understand the whole picture;
and giving ourselves the same grace a higher all-forgiving spirit might give us too. 


As your providers, we do our best to make these choices apparent, and easier, to ensure your "software" is sufficient to continually maintain (and if possible) - upgrade your hardware.  We also hold your hand through emotional pieces of the process, even though it's you needing walking through the door. 


Okay . . .  I get it . . . how many sessions do you recommend?

        Again, this is so specific to the person;  It's be good to meet with us, go through our intake and a follow up session, or two.  We'll usually have a good idea
during the first session, 
and can take things from there.  

If you know you're ready for change, and you feel these words, and/or want to learn our approach - 
we recommend our Foundations Program.  Twelve once/week appointments i
s usuallyenough time
to start experiencing positive change, and for new habits to start setting.  

This Foundations Program offers significant discount on our service,

and provides a chance to experience the power of our holistic therapies 

in container designed to support Youand your sustained Health.  


This 12 week Foundations Program includes:
- 3 Holistic (re)Assessment & Treatment Sessions (90 min)
- Nine Relaxing into Alignment (Bodywork or Movement Therapy) Sessions (60 min) 

Initial and reassessment sessions are between one a half and two hours. 
They are scheduled evenly or as needed between the one hour continuing sessions.  

All session include optional lifestyle support for the whole person and their health objectives*. Usually it is a short strategic check in or chat.  All sessions are focused on promoting ease and structural alignment.  
This may occur through body work and/or Movement Therapies.  

Foundations Program

Components of Relaxing into Alignment 

Wellness Coaching







Exploration Sessions + Program Format

As it takes time to really experience a singular art form, we recommend clients stick with either Body Work or Tai Chi Essentials.  

However, many clients aren't certain what to pick and even if they are, they want to experience the other health methodologies we offer.  For this reason, we allow clients up to three "exploration sessions" during which where they may experience the essentials of the other modality. 

➡️  Tai Chi clients may experience tranquil alignment manual therapies; and clients of somatic work can experience the relaxing methods of Tai Chi. 
➡️  These sessions can be scheduled near the beginning of the program for those who aren't certain; or throughout for those who want intermittent changes in approach. 
➡️  Those who want additional learning are welcome to schedule longer or separate appointments. They can also sign up for our Tai Chi Essentials or Wellness through Nutrition courses, which can be a community-centric way to learn the basics of these healing and health promoting arts 

Wellness through Nutrition

Wellness through Nutrition Summary Chart; watch our short ad here.

Essence of Tai Chi

Biomechanics of Tai Chi.  After studying with some of the best teachers across the globe, Tim has created a short course that emphasizes the mechanical and mind-set principles that make this art nourishing.   

Wellness Can be Easy

Whatever you choose . . . 

All therapies are holistic, promoting structural alignment, and relaxation; enhancing flow
of harmony through  emotional, physical and environmental relationships.

Furthermore, my method is fixed in self-sufficiency,  

Teaching you to sustain and grow these harmonys

Supporting Leadership

If you want to enroll in this program, or schedule your intake appointment (which we can discount from the cost of the program); or simply have a holistic Movement or Massage Therapy experience,
Tap Book Now ⬇️ .  

There you can read more about our programs,

although we've also copied some of that info for you here.  
(The Foundations Program description is at the very bottom of the bookings list).  


Book Now

Foundations Program Description
Holistic health and Somatic Therapies Work together as One.  
Through the body we transform.  Through the Mind we Reinforce.

*After the next ten client purchases, this program increases from $1,120 to $1,299. 
Purchased as separate appointments, the program is $1,440. 

When we consider long-term impacts of imbalance; 
and the long-term impact of embodied health wisdom on quality of life

for us and those loved ones we inspire

This is still, well, cheap

"The first wealth is health"
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

 o Initial Intake (120 min) - Includes whole systems assessment + body work / therapy of choice
o 2 Reassessment Sessions (90 min sessions scheduled a month apart from intake)
9 follow up sessions (~60 min, longer as needed; including lifestyle education / habit affirmation, 
body work and/or movement therapies)

In the initial intake we identify primary goals for our work together,
and the most important change for health (and in support of primary aims).  

Over subsequent sessions we track progress towards goals, provide motivation, reconditioning, and as-needed education.  I attune to your emotional work-flow, while continuing to - through body work, movement, therapy, and my attentiveness alone - create InSight-oriented experiences of deepening Self-connection.

When Body Work and Lifestyle Combine,
Results are Faster, more Sustaining

This Self-Healing Movement and relaxation education is provided through whole-body therapies:
Body Work (including Eastern, Western, and Integrative), or Tai Chi and Medical Chi Gong (a martial, healing, and Self Cultivation Movements practiced for strengthening structural alignment and deepening relaxation). 

Both Tai Chi and Bodywork are therapies leaving one more embodied,

more relaxed, more aware of one free Will.


Offering mindful space between thinking and action; while offering the benefits of cardio and resistance exercises; they each maylead to long-term improvements in posture, increasing circulation to every cell;

thereby reducing risk of illness;

and vastly improving experience of being in body.  


The Tentative Choice - Tai Chi or Bodywork

Throughout the twelve sessions, we generally recommend clients choose either Tai Chi or Manual Therapies.


 This offers deeper experience of each modality; and allows clients to take the maximum benefit from each.  
We understand that some clients may be uncertain which path to choose.

This is why we allow Foundations Program clients up to three "exploration sessions" in which they can try either Tai Chi or Body Work; although we can make some initial recommendations for those who want an opinion as to which is most suitable for them, and when.


Options to Explore: Somatic Approaches

These exploration sessions may be scheduled in the beginning of the Foundations Program;
or throughout the twelve weeks (which is good in case of an individual already knowing what they want
but having some flexibility to switch things up and benefit from Essentials of other approaches).  

Body Work (ie "Somatic approaches") may also incorporate tuning fork therapy (acutonics system),
acupressure (Tai Chi may end with acupressure too), pulse and tongue analysis (Oregon),
cupping and auricular therapy (application of seeds to condition-specific points in the ear).


Options to Explore: Tai Chi

Tai Chi may be practiced outdoors in tranquil environs,
and combined with other movements from Five-Element Chi Gong
or any number of Tim's movement repertoire. 

After the 12-week program, Tai Chi students may be eligible to continue learning through private lessons and, at least - will have grasped the essentials that ensure a healthful life practice
(essentials that teachers do not emphasize enough).

All our approaches may incorporate Chinese Elemental Music going with your goal/condition ( a long-term specialty of Tim's, rooted in an ancient traditional approaches to healing and health promotion - 
the topic of his dissertation).

All approaches (Whether bodywork or Tai Chi) incorporate a weekly check-in,
checking in on the simple change you're focused on implementing.  

No matter what we will listen to your needs;
and modify our approach to match what we hear from you. 

*If* we see something that would serve You, 
We'll let you know.


We'll empower you in pursuing
what you feel is the Way.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"
- Benjamin Franklin

Foundations Program - Why we recommend this approach for our clients

Holistic Health education, for it to stick, normally takes time.  We not only work against the resistance of the mind, also the weight of the past and the physical attachments we form to it.  

Some say it takes up to a year for any health change to really stick;
and yes, it may well be worth your time to undergo a longer process than this program offers.  

However, with a combination of somatic and lifestyle therapies;
the results can happen faster, in a more sustained way.  

This has been the finding of holistic multi-pronged approaches to health which emphasize mix of nutrition, stress-management, physical activity, spiritual practice and community connections (ie one of many examples includes Dean Ornish, MD's widely acclaimed program for reversing heart disease).  

In our practice, we use the foundations program
as time to help you develop the fundamental knowledge,
habits (mental, physical, and in lifestyle) that support health across the lifespan.  

It is not possible to cover everything in our limited time;
however, we may most definitely improve your quality of life (for good!),
and help you meet and exceed your health goal. 


I.  Identifying Root Causes (of Dis-Ease) and the most Important Change

Through a Whole Systems Assessment of the Research-Based physical, mental, emotional,
lifestyle, developmental (All stages of life), and environmental
factors important to health -  

We determine the most important strengths and challengesin your systems;
allowing us to define the most important areas to focus on; and in what order.  

Over our time together, we continually reinforce the areas of needing most healing/change,
moving towards greater systemic harmony, resilience, and balance.  

We do this both through health habit affirmation,
and through educating the body itself
(which from an Eastern and Integrative standpoint
reflects (and can make harmonious) the disharmonies in mind-emotions and life)

Mind-Body Magic 

"as above so below, 
and, as below, so above" 

From an Integrative perspective, the body is like a tuning fork -
such that simple physical shifts may lead to shifts in corresponding areas of life -

(e.g. Chinese Kidney Meridian/ Channel deals with Self-Identify,
Growth, Career, WillPower, and Core Strength.

Working on this channel may bring more peace calm and Strength
to someone navigating new career, new relationship and/or new life stage.  
The channel is often soft ("lacking tone") in those who need it worked on).

As these changes can occur without needing to talk about the concerns on their own -
This is one way Body Work may be considered Holistic.

Our personal core system - 

We have seen the transformative power of acupuncture, acupressure, and bodywork alone.
And, we still believe the best approach incorporates both physical and mental-emotional reconditioning. 

This may include learning improvements in posture,
and in the very ways we think about health. 

This is why why we offer this program
and integrative approaches.

In regards to lifestyle, we either empower motivation
in those places you already know need to shift;
and/or help shine light into those places
you do not see on your own. 


Supporting the Research-Supported Foundations of Healing and Health

In general, whatever we focus on - it's usually those areas that can lead to the largest impact over time,
and ensure - that whatever age you're at -  it remains enjoyable

to inhabit your body, mind and heart.  

We want these results to last, and even beyond the program, we offer additional learning opportunities,
connect you to extended community, other  practitioners,

and/or additional seasonal tune-ups,
or other personalized programs -

Ensuring the learning and empowerment remains fresh,
and can continue for life,
or at least as long as its needed!  

See you soon.

- Tim

Program Policies

Structure: Weekly Sessions for Three months, with a ninety minute (usually it's a two hour session with the client having extra time to reflect and relax in the treatment room) holistic health session every month (this is where we have more time to check in, reassess, and provide education as needed; or take the work a bit deeper).  

- Can I space out my sessions farther out than three months?  
We do not generally recommend this option.  It's important to maintain a certain depth of attention for learning to occur, and to get underneath old stuck spaces, for the long term.  
However, we also understand that some individuals go on work trips, take time off; and/or that life happens.  For these reasons, we allow our clients up to fourteen weeks to finish their twelve sessions.  

In exceptional circumstances we do consider alternative options; as learning still can occur no matter the frequency; and sometimes it is better with more time between sessions.  We will let you know if we think the is you and your situation; otherwise don't plan on more than fourteen weeks, and ideally - twelve.

You'll have the rest of your life to practice what you learn; I'm simply here to ensure you learn it well;
and of course - always around afterwards to help you fine-tune the details.  Tim

Appointment (re)Scheduling

When you purchase this package, you will schedule your first appointment through the patient portal.  
Try and schedule at a time that you feel you'd be able to commit to for the length of the program (if your schedule changes too frequently for this; come in when you're able; plan on finding a time each week to come in and schedule as far ahead as you can).  

We'll put the rest of your appointments on the schedule after you put in the first one.  

We allow our patients to reschedule their appointments up to twenty-four hours in advance.  
Later cancellations results in forfeiture of that appointment (unfortunately "sad").  


All payment is due at the beginning of the program.  We may be able to do a month-to-month payment plan wherein you pay one-third the total each month (we will charge you at the beginning of each month); although you will need to contact us directly for this option so that we can arrange it for you.  

Once payment is confirmed we do not offer refunds.
As needed, sessions can be conducted online through our platform.  

In Sum

The foundations program is a great way to learn more about the deeper aspects of our lineage, through your own embodied experience.  It offers a focused container for your healing, health and personal growth, one that is rooted in research on what actually produces sustaining change.



Tap the button below make your initial appointment (which we may discount from the program's price), or, to secure your spot today (prior to prices going up or being waitlisted).   


Differences between bodywork and Tai Chi

➡️ What is unique to bodywork is the element of therapeutic touch. 
There's an opportunity to relax into spaces that you may not have been able to reach on your own;
to experience novel ways of movement you can bring home with you.  
➡️  These therapies, which include asian bodywork (Shiatsu), and techniques such as tension release in the muscles, and body structure - can offer a tranquil release from life; a time of nourishment during which - while your awareness is engaged, you don't have to work so hard.  
There are often personal insights gained through this meditative process; and a feeling of freedom in areas you didn't even recognize as stuck.  Through relaxation and increased communication between tissues and organ systems, it's possible that many things, including aches and pains, start to resolve on their own; instead replaced by an increasing feeling of ease, alignment, and enjoyment.  
➡️ If you start with a dexa scan, you may notice increases in bone density, or longevity indicators such as telomere length (the ends of DNA, which can get measured).  It's possible that it'll feel again like there's freedom and control in all of your choices.

(These latter two arrow-points are apply to Tai Chi practice as well!)

➡️  Learning about the human through Eastern and Western Scientific world-views. 

You also have access to our extensive knowledge of tissue, nerve and Chinese Channel pathways (their associated points and cosmological meanings); which includes the body regions and structures associated with each of the five elements ("Wǔ Shíng"/Xíng 五行). Our holistic approach ensures nourishment is focused on the correct areas.   

This framework encompasses physiology and anatomy, psychology, neuro-endocrinology (study of hormones, their rhythms, and dynamic interactions w/ and influences on the overall system), spiritual development (ie what is natural at different phases in life; and how to navigate this with wisdom), sound (the sounds and tones that produce health; and that help create harmony in the organ systems), and nature (how to eat, think, and move in harmony with the seasons). 

Wu Shing Tones

Perhaps most importantly is it covers the lifestyle activities, knowledge, and habits (mental, physical and in action) that nourish the whole person, in an element-specific way.  

E.g. the earth element is about stability, and covers the ages from thirty-three to fifty eight, when it is typical for the fires of self-discovery to settle into a career path and home. 


It is nourished with consistency, and harmed when change is too rapid.  It deals with the stomach and spleen (Consistent meal timing is a large part of this domain, along with community and physical activity). 


It's tissues include the muscles; and it's neuro-chemical is serotonin; associated with positive mood and stable thinking or creative focus.  

Wu Shing
Life Phases according to the Wu Shing.png

Issues with the earth element can include digestion, getting stuck on things (Too much earth not enough wind/wood), attachment issues; or being overly sweet), and elimination concerns. Although metabolic issues can be reflections of a deeper misalignment, they are often related to the earth element. Diabetes is considered an Earth-Water imbalance (written about in texts over two-thousand years old (in China and in the West). Read more about it here.  

Fire Element Themes
Microcosmic Orbit Meditation

A popular daoist meditation and a regular part of any Chi Gong (qigong) curriculum is the micro-cosmic orbit meditation (小周天) which involves re-establishing the balance between water and fire.  It often involves movements and mental imagery that help draw "cooling energy up the spine" and "warming fire energy" down the front.  It's thought most pathology comes from a disharmony between fire and water; with most people having heat above and cold below; whereas the proper practices lead to fire in the belly, and a cool head.  Here, we discuss the role of trauma in disrupting the water and fire energies (two min discussion).  

Earth Element Themes_edited.jpg

Often times an individual is working on a single elemental theme; commonly throughout the course of their lives; although potentially isolated to a particular time, and/or condition of mind-emotion, spirit and/or physical.  We identify and work with these themes as part of holistic care. 

The fire element encompasses the Chest, Heart and Circulatory System. On a deeper level it relates to executive function - the choices and commitments we make, normally arising from the meditative capacity to seek and find clarity, to know and to build upon it (which takes us into the earth). 


When we are stuck in a certain mental-emotional way, it can create heat (trapped in the chest) , manifesting as anxiety, skin issues;  and other "wandering heat pathologies". 


It can often be our spiritual or personal relationships, or lack thereof, that causes the heart to stagnate;   this can stop the chest from opening, preventing the circulation from descending to warm the abdomen and fuel metabolism. 


This can cause feelings of cold and tiredness; confusion and brain fog, digestive distress, cramping, and constipation.  In the long term it can cause issues with urination, and reproduction, hyper tension, heart and kidney disease, to name a few of many fire-related pathologies.

Taiji Tea.jpeg

Tim performing Tai Chi in tandem with his Chinese Teacher's tea presentation.  


Circle walking from martial and longevity art "eight trigram palm".  A local teacher & film star, this man starred in a film with Jet Li.  Changsha, Hunan province, China.  

Tim teaching rooftop Tai Chi to a group of locals and foreign students, Guilin, Guanxi province, China.  Read more about Tai Chi's numerous health benefits here.  

Tai Chi Chuan (pron.  Tài-geé-chu-án, 太極拳) 
"Supreme Ultimate Fist"
Power through Relaxation

What is unique to Tai Chi (which actually does contain the five element framework, and can include discussions of it) is that it's a unique art form, originally a martial art now practiced largely for health. 
It teaches relaxation, structural alignment, and healthful living principles.  

Although we will practice a short form together and some conditioning + health-improvement activities, what you learn will be the essential foundations for additional learning should you want to pursue that later on. 
It will also help you discern what teachers to learn from (ie did they really master the essent
or not?).  


All roads lead to Center


Did you know?  Chinese Medicine, or Zhōng Yī 中医 is often translated as "Medicine of the Center",
or better yet "The Medicine of Hitting something (ie an illness/disease/health solution) precisely on the mark, bull's eye!"
The same character for center (zhōng 中) is found in China (中国 zhōng guó), translated as central kingdom or country.


In the end, no matter what choice you make,  
we teach principles that you can apply while w
alking, sitting, standing,
and/or doing any other exercise. 

These principles, when embodied, will likely improve the integrity of that activity,
and may make it safer, more (satisfyingly) challenging, relaxing, and/or more healthful.

In the end, relaxed alignment is about Energy Efficiency, Optimizing Our Posture, and
Holding ourselves in Integrity; which, when coming from a deeply relaxed place in a foundation of health - 
  - while perhaps not always easy - comes with greater ease, connected to an enduring Wisdom.  


Wisdom of the Turtle

To learn more about our relaxed alignment programs,

including our introductory pricing and policies,

click the make appointment button. 


And no, it won't magically float you in our door. 
It will take you to our product descriptions page,

where you can read the sweet details and decide where to go from there.   

Please reach out w/ questions.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.  
In Health,
Tim @ WS Wellness

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