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Swimming upstream?

On Staying Healthy:
Momentum in the Modern World

Our understanding of health is informed by over fourteen years of
intensive studying into (first) Western and (then) Eastern health sciences.  

It is grounded in research (and intensive contemplation on that research), inspired by teachers of medicine (both East and West; some amazing MD's out there!), and personal experience.  


Since ancient times the pathways to health have always been simple: eat and drink simply, in proper proportion at consistent times; sleep and rise with the sun, work and rest in harmony with each other.  

YinYang Seasons

Since those times things have become more complicated - we live in environments with artificial lights and have jobs that may require working odd hours, there are televisions, and snacks with preservatives, and many other complexities that ancient peoples never had to deal with.  


This requires us to make active decisions that ancients didn't have to . . .  

It may even feel that preserving our essential nature - health -

is like trying to swim against the currents . . . and well, you wouldn't be wrong!  

It is like that, at least, in the beginning . . . 


"I was born to swim upstream"


Thankfully, with the right encouragement, perspective, knowledge and self-discipline, 

we do build momentum.  

The Daoist Sage Lao Zi, purported author of the famous
Dao De Ching ("Way of Virtue") once stated:

"The adventure of a thousand miles begins with a single step."


Another Chinese proverb states:
"The first step is always the hardest"


Once you have momentum, things get easier and easier.


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Recap on our Approach to Sustainable Results

Now . . .  many of us were completely misinformed growing up - IF we even received any information at all.  So it takes a bit of learning for us to get to a place of stability -
where we know how to take care of ourselves . . . .

Holistic nutrition: example knowledge, mind- and skill-sets (not an exhaustive list)

This is where we've nailed our process down pretty well . . .  
We want our clients to be set for life . . .


So - whether we are working on healthy movement habits, or stress management, or nutrition, we educate on the essential information, mindsets/habits that clients need to really be set up . . . for life!  
Then we stand by - whether through classes or one-on-one sessions - 
while they master the skill-sets essential to their goals and overall health.

Holistic exercise: example knowledge, mind- and skill-sets (not an exhaustive list)

Some clients don't need any of this and are more-so seeking therapeutic touch and a place to relax, or connection through which to feel a deeper sense of emotional awareness - this is okay too.  

There's always more to learn about ourselves.  We're here to help! 

Screen Shot 2023-04-25 at 10.40.47 AM.png


Our ultimate goal is to train leaders in health consciousness transformation, starting first with themselves.

Cultivating Leadership.png

"A Rising Tide Lifts all Boats"

When we achieve higher levels of health mastery,

we cannot help radiate this health, which in turn lifts up those around us. 

Whether you intend to be a leader or not, the mastery of a few simple health keys will cause others to look to you for support.  

This is because we each possess somatic intelligence; each inherently knowing what's good and what's not good. 

In the many distractions and misinformation of the world, it's easy to lose connection to that natural humanizing intelligence.  

Of course, I also teach you in simple ways that not only ensure you master the essentials, but also so that it's easy -
if not natural to pass this time-tested wisdom onto others.

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